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Ādaži army base's overview[]

It is an army base in Ādaži, Ādaži Municipality, Vidzeme Region (Livonian: Vidumō) and has a long milliary history. As well as the active buildings and grounds of the Ādaži military base, it also has Practice field, an abandoned ammunition and a former Soviet era army base in it's grounds.

Military history[]


It was originally a medieval castles of the Teutonic Knights, which got developed over the years and had turned in to an army base by World War 1.


It was used by the USSR during the Cold War.


NATO's Saber Strike 2013 Exercise[]

The opening ceremony of the multinational Saber Strike 2013  was held on 3 June in Camp Ādaži. The exercise was opened by the Latvian Deputy Chief of Defence, Brigadier General Juris Zeibārts.

Forces from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the USA and the UK took part in the opening ceremony. They and other troopers from Poland took part in the exercise.

joint land and air force training exercise was meant to test local military readiness and preparedness.

NATO's Steadfast Jazz 2013 Exercise[]

The purpose of the event exercise was as training and testing of the NATO Response Force, as 400 soldiers from the Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS).

The NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and the presidents of the 3 Baltic States will visit forces from NATO and partner nations at Ādaži military camp. The Steadfast Jazz 2013 Exercise, took place from November 2 – 9, 2013 in the Ādaži military camp, Latvia. Troops from Finland, Sweden, Ukraine and Poland were also involved and a Polish base also hosted a later event. 

21/11/2013 Riga supermarket roof collapse[]

They sent 40 troopers and some bulldozers to help in the rescue work in the wake of 21/11/2013 Riga supermarket roof collapse.

Base stats[]

  1. Name and rank of the base commander- ?
  2. Name and rank of the deputy base commander- ?
  3. Aria of the base (Miles squared/KMs squired)- ?
  4. Garrison troop strength- ?.
  5. Founding date- During or running up to WW2?
  6. Closed in- It's still open.
  7. Home page- [1]


  1. http://www.campadazi.mil.lv/ Ādaži camp official site