1945-1991: Cold War world Wiki

Today noted conservative and class advocate Von expressed his commitment to the wiki class movement, and expressed his refusal to back down in the wake of growing support for the opposition. When asked by more moderate classy individuals to apologize to Cookiedamage, leader of the opposition movement, as a way to amend the conflict, Von stated, "my apology would be a lie", and advocated to other members to "Stop giving them chances". These statements expressed promises to continue the conflict until bans or other punishments were carried out.

When addressing complains of possible hostility and insults toward the opposition, Von stated:

"That is why I think you are degenerates and pathetic. You did something wrong and now act like its not a problem because there is no explicit legal guideline saying not to. If you can only act good under fear of punishment then please go reflect on your ability to reflect on your actions and your moral stance on life. This conversation was resolved a long time ago. Take your head out of your arse please. You are not the victim, you are the offender.:

Based on these accusations it is clear that the class movement had no end in sight as to how far they would push. With no end in sight, it appears the conflict will continue.

Silent Observer