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The Polish authorities had planned a army parade in Szczecin for some time in 1962.

The event[]

The 1962 Szczecin military parade involved a road traffic accident in which a tank of the Polish People's Army crushed bystanders, most of whom were children;  killing 7 children and injuring many more. This was conpounded as he resultant panic caused in the crowd led to a stampeed and further injuries in the rush to escape. The incident was covered up for many years by the Polish communist authorities and cencored out of state media.


It helped ferment the public hatred of Life under communism and the 1968 Polish political crisis. The city of Szczecin then witnessed several anti-communist revolts in 1970 and one of the four August Agreements, which led to the first legalization of the pro-democracy trade union Solidarity, was signed in Szczecin during 1980.

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