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21 inch Mark 21 Pentane torpedo.
Category. Data.
Type. Conventional Cold War Torpedo.
Nationality. British.
Made in. Mid 1950s.
Retired. 1980s.
Designer. N/A.
Manufacturer. N\A.
Variants. Non.
Diameter. 21 inches.
Speed. N\A, but probably typical of it's date and class.
Warhead. 196 lb (89 kg) of N\A, probably TNT or torpex.
Operational range. N\A, but probably typical of it's date and class.
Guidance system. Autonomous active/passive sonar.
Launch platform. ASW aircraft.
Weight. N\A, but probably akin to those of comparable role, configuration and era.
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A project for an autonomous active/passive sonar torpedo to be carried by the Short Sturgeon anti-submarine (ASW) aircraft. It was cancelled after protracted work but the seeker development was used in Tigerfish.