1945-1991: Cold War world Wiki
53.3 cm (21") L4.
Category. Data.
Type. Conventional Cold War torpedo.
Nationality. French.
Made in. In service by 1964.
Retired. By the end of the Cold War.
Designer. N\A French organisation.
Manufacturer. N\A French organisation.
Variants. 0.
Diameter. 53.3 cm (21").
Speed. 20-30 knots.
Warhead. 331 lbs. (150 kg) HBX-3, but also used as the payload of the Malafon anti-submarine missile.
Operational range. 1,000 feet (300 m)-5,500 yards (5,000 m).
Guidance system. N\A, but probably akin to aircraft of comparable role, configuration and era.
Launch platform. ASW aircraft.
Weight. 1,157 lbs. (525 kg).
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