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According to a recent account by Monster Pumpkin of the TSPTF, it has been revealed that CrimsonAssassin's so called "anonymous sources" in the recent banning of user Tr0llis are none other than fellow TSPTF member, Toby2. Tr0llis was banned yesterday without further investigation or presentation of any formal evidence, but rather the assumption by the TSPTF that such evidence existed, after CrimsonAssassin promised to be withholding evidence or sources to protect Toby2's privacy.

This banning was the culmination of a several month long sting operation, involving multiple members of the TSPTF. The operation had begun with Toby2's infiltration of the "MS Cronies", namely Tr0llis, for the purpose of jointly investigating CrimsonAssassin's many sockpuppeting accusations. Toby2 however had no intention of actually helping Tr0llis, and instead demanded he turn in all acquired evidence, screenshots, and private emails. According to newly released reports, these emails and screenshots were used by Toby2 to incriminate Tr0llis, and convince the TSPTF that such a ban was necessary.

It is believed that Toby2's actions were part of an effort to rebuild his administrative reputation, after numerous blunders in his early career. It is unclear if the early attempted unbanning of Mscoree was a genuine blunder, or part of the sting operation to earn Tr0llis' trust. Whatever the case, this operation definitively advanced Toby2's position in the TSPTF, making clear his true allegiances.

In the past twenty-four hours multiple people have been banned for attempting to question the banning of Tr0llis, or voicing negative opinions about the action or its perpetrator. Toby2 has claimed that he has Tr0llis' best interests in mind, as his last apparent supporter on the wiki, however given the evidence, is is clear that he has no intention of actually aiding in some sort of compromise.