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The world created

We created an entire former earth colony on a new earth like planet, railways and all.

A nice new world...

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It is a completely new and habitable planet, with a Earth descended modem era type human civilization, who think they occurred spontaneously, but are in fact are the spawn of long forgotten settlers from Earth.

As the years had gone by things changed. Since the first colonies were settled (in 2300AD), expanded and then abandoned after a planet wide conflict hit Earth, crews spread out across the landmass of that planet.

There were good times and bad times on the seller's planet for the # years that saw the colonies become nations.

A resurgent Earth then tried to retake it and lost. A few years later they had a horrific and egocentric ten-year oil war which sent them in to a new dark age and 250 years of make-shift technology, warlike attitudes ecanomic decline and civil strife.

The current date is and the nations on the map have been here for 600 to 700 years and fought the "gods" # years ago, but no one is sure exactly how long any of these times were.

The population now stands at 7.5 billion, and the nations have now grown so apart in culture and politics that have divided themselves into new sets of "nations", "states" and "countries", like back on their home-world (Earth). About 5% of the planet is still unclaimed.

They all knew of each other for at least the last 300 years and all nations have radio, TV and telephone communications with each other, unless a dictator has chosen to block it from entering his nation.

Satellites analogues to Telstar, Arabsat-1A and TIROS-1 do orbit the planet and Marisat F1 orbit the planet.

The planet already had simple and harmless life-forms like Phytoplankton, Algae, Archaea and Bacteria, all of which lived through the terra-forming and now flourish, along side the many species imported from earth.

The brown trout (Salmo trutta), Alaska pollock or walleye pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus,formerly Theragra chalcogramma), Abies sibirica (Siberian fir) and Acer platanoides (Norway maple), the dromedary (Camelus dromedarius); Koklass pheasant, (P. macrolopha) and the common broom (Cytisus scopar\Sarothamnus scoparius) were all part of a mass shipment of earth flaura and fauna to help feed the first settlers by the terraformers that came before them.

The tech level is at 2010 levels.

Pages include-

  1. The 5 manned space missions (A nice new world...)
  2. The Union of El Mundo (A nice new world...)
  3. International Organisations (A nice new world...)
  4. The Solar System (A nice new world...)
  5. UEM universal wiring colour and safety code of y1900 (A nice new world...)
  6. Y2447 Detroit (Iowa) partial reactor melt down (A nice new world...)
  7. y2448 Aktobe accidental atomic flask rupture incident (A nice new world...)
  8. UEM universal wiring colour and safety code of y1900 (A nice new world...)
  9. International Organisations (A nice new world...)
  10. The 14 space satellites around El Mundo (A nice new world...)
  11. The 5 world wide bank holidays of of El Mundo (A nice new world...)
  12. A nice new world...
  13. Dr Werner Schmidt's Reformation (A nice new world...)
  14. Dinas-Wladwriaeth o Llanbedr (A nice new world...)
  15. Th' Republic ay th' Forest Islain (A nice new world...)
  16. The Union of El Mundo (A nice new world...)
  17. Y2447 Detroit (Iowa) partial reactor melt down (A nice new world...)
  18. Y2448 Aktobe accidental atomic flask rupture incident (A nice new world...)
  19. Советская Социалистическая Республика Воронежа (A nice new world...)


  1. An Poblacht na Oileán Fada (A nice new world...)
  2. T' Socialist Republic o' New Yorksha (A nice new world...)
  3. Socijalističkata Balkanska Republika (A nice new world...)
  4. Awọn Olominira ti o Tobi Benin (A nice new world...)
  5. Democratic Republic of New Vermont (A nice new world...)
  6. O Democrática e Independente Grão-Ducado do Madeira (A nice new world...)
  7. جمهوری ساحلی فارسی (A nice new world...)
  8. ગુજરાતી દરિયાઇ રિપબ્લિક (A nice new world...)
  9. Republika Mali Shqiptare (A nice new world...)
  10. Republic of New Mobile (A nice new world...)
  11. Republic of Trenton (A nice new world...)
  12. Duché de Cherbourg (A nice new world...)
  13. Handelsstadt Zustand Zürich (A nice new world...)
  14. Independent Stet bilong Milen Be (A nice new world...)
  15. Ang Kaharian ng Bataan (A nice new world...)
  16. Th' Republic ay th' Forest Islain (A nice new world...)
  17. Le Royaume du Gabon (A nice new world...)
  18. Хойд тал Монгол улс (A nice new world...) The Mongolian Republic of the Northern Steppe
  19. Советская Социалистическая Республика Воронежа (A nice new world...)
  20. Republic of Buxton Town (A nice new world...)
  21. Zhōngguó de héxié gònghéguó (A nice new world...)
  22. 上海天上的共和国 (A nice new world...)
  23. Dinas-Wladwriaeth o Llanbedr (A nice new world...)
  24. Da mulkin Demokraɗiyya Jumhuriya na Hausa (A nice new world...)
  25. Il Comune di Milano (A nice new world...)
  26. Le Royaume de la Wallonie (A nice new world...)
  27. Ақтөбе Республикасы (A nice new world...)
  28. Ҷумҳурии Бишкек (A nice new world...)
  29. T' United Republic o' Gateshead, Newcastle 'n Durhamshire
  30. Jamhuri ya Jiji la Nairobi (A nice new world...) Republic of Nairobi City
  31. Jamhuuriyadda Magaalada Baari (A nice new world...)
  32. Dziko la Malaŵi (A nice new world...)
  33. 甘肃共和国岛。(A nice new world...) Republic of Gansu Island.
  34. Демократическая Республика Томска (A nice new world...) Democratic Reublic of Tomsk
  35. Безкоштовний республіка Бельбек (A nice new world...) The Free Republic of Belbek
  36. Beluu er a Belau (A nice new world...) Republic of Palau
  37. Republica Ceaușescu Oraș (A nice new world...) The Republic of Ceaușescu City
  38. Republica Democratică Țara Românească (A nice new world...) Democratic Republic of Wallachia
  39. Česká Republika (A nice new world...) Czech Republic
  40. República de San Salvador (A nice new world...)
  41. República Socialista u Maya/República Socialista Maya (A nice new world...)
  42. Liberal ka democrática República u Maaya u Occidente/Liberal ka Democrática Occidental República Maya le K'a'nabo' (A nice new world...)
  43. جمهورية القومية نيو دمشق (A nice new world...)
  44. República Fascista de San Juan (A nice new world...)
  45. جمهورية القومية بغداد الجديدة (A nice new world...)
  46. Republic of Cairo
  47. Republic of Aruba
  48. Republic of Ghana (A nice new world...)
  49. Mercantile Stadt Zustand (A nice new world...) Mercantile City State of of Heidelberg
  50. Republic of New Darwin (A nice new world...)
  51. Cộng hòa Nhân dân Cách mạng của Hà Nội (A nice new world...). The People's Revolutionary Republic of Hanoi
  52. Soviet Socialist Republic of Clydesdale (A nice new world...)
  53. Native American Federal Republic (A nice new world...)
  54. Republic of Conakry
  55. Republic of New Milwaukee (A nice new world...)
  56. The Maritime City of of New Samogitia
  57. Democratic Socialist Republic of Pennsylvania (A nice new world...)
  58. Lefatshe la Botswana (A nice new world...) Republic of Botswana
  59. Democratic Republic of Derbyshire (A nice new world...)
  60. Democratic Republic of Sichuan
  61. City state of Baku
  62. Duchy of Truro
  63. Principality of St. Hellier
  64. Principality of Bermuda
  65. Janūb al-Juba
  66. République démocratique du Brazzaville
  67. République démocratique du Kinshasa
  68. Democratic Republic of Kinloss (A nice new world...)
  69. Democratic Repulic of Mull
  70. République démocratique du Mustique
  71. Principality of St. Hellena
  72. Kingdom of New Hounslow (A nice new world...)
  73. The Utopian Island Republic of New St. Kitts (A nice new world...)
  74. Kingdom of Inverkargil (A nice new world...)
  75. Kingdom of Hampshire (A nice new world...)
  76. Socialist Republic of Mercia (A nice new world...)
  77. The Maritime Republic of New Tromsø
  78. Soviet Socialist Republic of Wales (A nice new world...)
  79. Democratic Republic of Palestine
  80. Социјалистичка Република Србија Острво (A nice new world...) The Socialist Island Republic of Serbia
  81. Republic of Georgia-Florida (A nice new world...)
  82. The Frigid Republic of Iowa (A nice new world...)
  83. Kingdom of Vienna
  84. Republic of Virginia (A nice new world...)
  85. דער רעפּובליק פון העברעוולאַנד \הרפובליקה של קרקע עברית (A nice new world...)
  86. Republic of Natal\Republiek van Natal (A nice new world...)
  87. Republic of New Patagonia
  88. Fürstbistum Brixen\Il principe-vescovile di Bressanone\Prince-Püspökség Brixen (A nice new world...) Prince-Bishopric of Brixen
  89. Слаўная Савецкая Сацыялістычная Рэспубліка Мінска (A nice new world...)The Glorious Soviet Socialist Republic of Minsk
  90. Konungariket Scandinavia (A nice new world...) The Kingdom of Scandinavia
  91. Island of Acapulco
  92. Os Estados Ilhas de Lisboa (A nice new world...) The United Island of Lisbon
  93. Democratic Island of Gdansk
  94. İstanbul Adalar Emirliği (A nice new world...) The Emirate of the Islands of Istanbul
  95. Βασίλειο της Αθήνας (A nice new world...) Kingdom of Athens
  96. 東京の幕府/Tōkyō no bakufu (A nice new world...) Shogunate of Tokyo
  97. Unitam Paple Insulae/Уједињени Папле острва/Ujedinjeni Paple Ostrva/Τα Ηνωμένα Paple νησιά/Ta Inoména Paple Nisiá/Zjednoczonych Wyspy Papel (A nice new world) The United Papal Islands
  98. Dziko la Malaŵi (A nice new world...)
  99. Republic of New Tabasco
  100. Federation of Barnet, Brent and Havering.
  101. Republic of Kilburnshire.
  102. Kingdom of Groningen.
  103. Duchy of the Isle of Tallinn.
  104. Te Käwanatanga Motu Maori Motuhake (A nice new world...) (The Independent Maori Island Republic)
  105. De ûnôfhinklike Frysk Eilân Republyk (A nice new world...) (The Independent Frisian Island Republic)

The nations.