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How Wars are Won & Lost - A Simple Model-0

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War algorithm[]

  • A war algorithm idea.


  • If you’re a failed state, devastated territory, rebel/resistance/partisan cell/puny island or city state -1 due to lack of resources! If you're a super power, principal powers or great powers of the game +4, since you have loads at your disposal! All other types and classes of states 0.
  • Side with greater infrastructure: +3
  • Side with greater technology: +5
  • Side with greater population: +3
  • Side with greater industry: +3
  • Side with greater agriculture: +2
  • Larger land mass + 1
  • Propaganda effect from last or this turn+3
  • Defeated last time -1 to the last time's loser
  • Guerrilla War: +5 attacker, - 1 defender
  • Surprise attack +6 Attackers
  • Sent spies in to the defender's nation the previous round to gain secret knowledge for the attacker= attacker +1, Defender -1.
  • +2 Defender uses a scorched earth policy -2 for attackers. Mods can inflict a famine or epidemic on both in the next round due to the problems caused by very short supplies.

Nation size[]

The size of the nation in area.

  • -12 Puny island\city state (eg OTL Narau\Monaco)
  • -10 Extremely small (eg. OTL Fiji)
  • -7.5 Very Small (eg. OTL Portugal)
  • -5 Small (eg. OTL New Zealand)
  • 0 Smaller Medium (eg. OTL Sweden)
  • +5 Larger Medium (eg. OTL Madagascar)
  • +10 Large (eg. OTL Argentina)
  • +15 Very large (eg. OTL Canada)
  • +17.5 Extremely large (eg. OTL Russia)


  • Knowledge of landscape:
    • +10 for in one's homeland,
    • +7.5 for in one's colony,
    • + 5 for warring in an adjacent nation/colony,
    • -1 for low knowledge of an non-adjacent lands which are on you/you colony's continent,
    • -5 for no knowledge of a distant realm that is not even on your continent.
    • If war takes place in ether Antarctica or the Arctic with no prior knowledge of the place by spies or established bases by the attacker, then they will lose -15.
  • Fighting in large steppes or plains: Attacker +5, Defender -4. (Blitzkrieg and the like).
  • Swamps and marshes: +2.5 for defender, -1.5 for attacker
  • Storming on to a coastline from the sea, the attacker - 4 and defender + gains 5.
  • Storming in to polar region or a large jungle: attacker - 3 and + defender gains 4.
  • Storming a desert: -1 attacker, +1 for defender
  • Large forests, who are not a jungle type: +1.5 for defender, -0.5 for attacker
  • Full of lakes and ponds: +2 for defender, -0.5 for attacker
  • Many hills: +2 for defender, -0.5 for attacker
  • Attacking a island: +3 for defender, -7.5 for attacker
  • Mountains: +3 for defender, -10 for attacker
  • Mountainous island: +5 for defender, 12 for attacker
  • Urban warfare in big cities of over 5,000,000 people like today's London, Tokyo, New York, Shanghai, Mumbai and Berlin, Attacker-2, Defender+2
  • Armed expatiation in large extremism climates like Greenland, Niger, Nepal and Amazonia will also be very slow due to logistic and climate problems for any wood-be invader. In this case the defender gets an advantage of +5 and the attacker gets a disadvantage of -5, but it does not get applied if the attacker is from the same sort of environment (ie: Niger would not mined invading Mali since they are both mostly desert, so no disadvantage to Niger).


  • Nuclear war gives the atomic user -
    • Strategic arms (Tsar bomb and Dong Feng 5, etc) attacker +10 and defender -10
    • Tactical arms (Polaris and Hiroshima, ect) +5 and -5
    • SDD/SDM sub-Hiroshima types (David Croket and 'suitcase' mini-bombs, etc) +2.5 and -2. for .
    • Also add +1 to the attacker and -1 to the defender if the capital is hit.5
    • Also add +1 to the attacker and -1 to the defender x the number of nukes used in the attack as a grand total.
  • Bio weapons give the attacker +5 and the defender -12.5.
  • Chemical weapons give the attacker +2 and the defender -5.


  • Every nation or major vassal/colony militarily helping with their side= +3
  • Every nation or major colony/vassal offering supplies to their side= +2
  • Every guerrilla force or resistance/partisan group helping way helping with their side= +1


  • Perfidiously invading current ally: -6 Attacker, +10 defender
  • Uniting a similar people and culture: Attacker +4 Attacker, -0.5 defender.
  • Religious motives such as jihad = +6.5 to the attacker and - 0.5 to the defender.
  • Radical political and racist motives = Attacker +5 and - 0.5 to the defender.
  • To get a local/regional tactical advantage= + 2 to the attacker.
  • Non given= 0 to the attacker
  • +3 Economic gain (land, money, resources, etc)
  • +2 Aiding Ally
  • +3 Taking territory of similar culture but not part of nation
  • +4 Pre-emptive strike
  • +5 Revenge for being attacked.
  • +5 Taking back territory recently held by nation but since lost
  • +6.5 Aiding Social/Moral/Ideological/Religious Kinsmen who are being oppressed
  • +6 Attacking to enforce political hegemony

Defender’s view[]

  • +5 Defending Heartland from attack that will not cripple/ destroy nation
  • +7.5 Loss of over 10%of national territory or colonies/vassals/colonies
  • +9 Defending Core/heartland from possibly fatal attack
  • +10 Defending from attack that will wipe out nation and culture.
  • +2 Defending territory not held for more than 10 years
  • +4 Defending territory not part of heartland but held for more than 20 years

Home front[]

  • Under trade sanctions or a trade embargo: -1 to whoever is the victim of such an act.
  • If either or both sides did not update their economy, industry, transport, military and/or infrastructure in the last 25 years then they will lose -5 as a penalty for neglecting their nation's integrity.
  • If you have been at war for six of the last ten rounds, continuous or not, then -5 until there is at least five turns of peace in a row due to the riggers of war on the public morale.
  • Size of population- The number of people divided by 100 million (i.e., 250 million = 2.5 points).

Theatres of war[]

  • One front +2 To the combatant nation doing so.
  • Two fronts -5 To the combatant nation doing so.
  • Three or more fronts -7 To the combatant nation doing so.

Concurrent wars[]

  • None 0 To the combatant nation doing so.
  • One concurrent war -2 To the combatant nation doing so.
  • Two concurrent wars -5 To the combatant nation doing so.
  • Three or more concurrent wars -7 To the combatant nation doing so.


  • Many or major OTL/ATL defences and fortified places: Defender + 10
  • War Weariness: If you have been fighting for more than 3 continus turns in a row -5 due to battle fatigue until you make peace for at least 1 turn.
  • If either side nation chose to deploys over 500 Tanks (or main battle tanks after the Panzer III and the like were invented), 500 bombers, 20 attack submarines and/or 10 men-o-war, ships of the line, Ironclads, dreadnoughts, battleships or aircraft carriers (depends on historic time) in the war then they get +1 for land, sea and/or air. Remember to say how many you deploy or it will be guessed or ignored by a mod. Modern large war ships also take time to build.
  • Morale: -5 In face of larger army, -10 for completely surrounded, +10 for in face of a smaller army, +15 for surrounding enemy. If defeated last turn, then the loser from that battle is -5 to his opponent in this battle
  • Size of Military- The number of troops divided by a factor of 250,000 (i.e., one million = four points).

Territorial greed[]

  • If the attacking nation has either tripled its size or captured a land mass greater than the size of Greenland (both apply depending on national size) in less than five turns in a row, then - 7.5 to the attacker each turn unless he stops for two turns to consolidate the gains.

Totaling up the result.[]

  • Add the totals up and find the biggest total. The biggest wins and the total % decides the losses.
  • A total % of 50% equals a draw leading to stalemate,
  • A total % of 51% equals 1 pixel of land lost by the loser,
  • A total % of 52% equals 2 pixels of land lost by the loser,
  • a total % of 53% equals 3 pixels of land lost by the loser,
  • a total % of 55% equals 5 pixels of land lost by the loser,
  • a total % of 56% equals 5% of land lost by the loser,
  • a total % of 58% equals 10% of land lost by the loser,
  • a total % of 60% equals 20% of land lost by the loser,
  • a total % of 66% equals 33% the loser nation is overrun automatically and the rest is in disarray,
  • a total % of 70% equals 50% the loser nation is overrun automatically and the rest is in disarray,
  • a total % of 75% equals 60% the loser nation is overrun automatically and the rest is in disarray,
  • a total % of 77% equals 66% the loser nation is overrun automatically and the rest is in disarray,
  • a total % of 80% equals 75% the loser nation is overrun automatically and the rest is in disarray,
  • a total % of 85% equals 80% the loser nation is overrun automatically and the rest is in disarray,
  • a total % of 95% equals of the loser being 90% of the loser nation is overrun automatically and the rest is in disarray,
  • a total % of 99% equals the loser being 100% overrun and crushed automatically, leading to the loser’s formal surrender in one round!
  • Note that the 12 hugest nations and territories can't be defeated in one algo', instead you need 2 different consecutive Algo's to defeat 50% of the nation each time.
  • Do this for every turn you’re warring in.
  • The result goes on a war algorithm result for record.