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HD British Hydrogen bomb explosion test awesome-0

HD British Hydrogen bomb explosion test awesome-0

HD British Hydrogen bomb explosion test awesome!

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Video

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Video

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb that killed so many!

Rare footage of Nagasaki atomic bombing

Rare footage of Nagasaki atomic bombing

Rare footage of Nagasaki atomic bombing that killed so many!

India 's 1st Nuclear Test

India 's 1st Nuclear Test

Smiling Buddha India 's First Nuclear Test.



This footage is from operation Hardtack and this explosion is from an 8-kiloton nuclear bomb named Umbrella. Here's a link to a picture where you can see all of the water splash:?



The Cuba missile crisis went 'hot' and a East-West atomic war took place leading to A nuclear\atomic holocaust or nuclear apocalypse and 10 years of hell, followed by 50 yeas of hard straggle. After another, less traumatic, 25 years, things got gradually better. The survivor states began to improve noticeably after about 50 years and had became almost as good as those who were not in the war after another 80 years. Only the until recently lower population levels and backward tech remain as clues as to what had happened and whether the legends of the world being wiped out by the catastrophic "World War Three"\"Word War 3"\ "WW III" ~250 years earlyer were true. 

The starting year is 2177 and the technology level in this world is set at what we had in OTL 1920.

  • Have you got what it takes to restore your nation to glory, honor, peace and prosperity?!

Tech level

  • They start play with OTL 1900 style technolagy, but will progress with the passage of in game time at a OTL rate of progress.


We will have resolutions at the World Union (W.U) security council. The W.U is analogous to our U.N. Most nations have joined it.

There are also- the International Court of Justice (ICJ), World Health Organisation (WHO), United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), The International Postal Union (IPU), International Labour Organisation (ILO) and World Heath Organisation (WHO) and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NNPT).

The International Cricket Council (ICC), FIFA, the IOC, International Red Cross and the international ASIEN, the Warsaw Pact, NATO, the EU and Arab League still exist.

The March 2040 UN Pensacola Ebola\ AIDS summit made great progress in combating the viruses.

General rules

20th Fighter Wing F-100Ds, RAF Wethersfield

USAF Aircraft over RAF Wethersfield.

Bloodhound SAM at the RAF Museum

A RAF Bloodhound_SAM_at_the_RAF_Museum.


The mushroom cloud from Buster-Jangle Charlie, yield 14 kilotons (at 143 m • kt −1⁄3), during the initial phase of stem formation. The toroidal fireball is visible at the top, a condensation cloud is forming in the middle due to intense updrafts of moist air, and the forming partial stem can be seen below. The cloud exhibits the reddish-brown hue of nitrogen oxides.

  • Mod word is law until proven otherwise
  • Have fun!
  • Be plausible and logical
  • Keep things sane tech wise, no clones or stuff like that
  • Players who are inactive for more than 10 turns without informing a mod are removed.
  • Alliances will be monitored closely. If an alliance is regarded as excessive, meta, ASB, etc, it will be retconed by a strike out line.
  • Nation pages are nice too have, but not required.
  • Stay within under 5 years ahead of time with technology
  • Don't be rude
  • Only map makers can edit the map
  • Every country will be a different colour on the map.
  • Mods can be removed by a head mod approval and vote
  • If a nation rejects union, you must wait 5 years before asking again
  • Technological advances must be plausible (which means no robots fighting clones)
  • No sockpuppeting.
  • No fantasy (wizard and unicorns are not wanted here)
  • The map must be updated at least every 5 turns.
  • Game is to be archived every 15 years.
  • A new image file is created for every new map, which is created every two years.
  • After a nation has been inactive for five years (15 turns), the user will be removed from the game.
  • You may create logical proxies and use them in turns.
  • Turns are by half of years. 1 turn = 6 months in game time.
  • Turns are turned at 23.00:01 UTC.
  • No IPs, please log in.
See War algo
See Special game-play rule

The Map

A world of atomic ashes map game map

The starting world 'base' map.



Changes, Issues and Complaints


Bold means approved - only three.


Construction cone
This page is under construction and is still being written! Any major unauthorized edits will be reverted, but some minor, grammar and spelling fixes are freely allowed if you find any errors of this type.
Titan II launch

A Titan II missile launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base.


Photograph of a U.S. developed M-388 Davy Crockett nuclear weapon mounted to a recoilless rifle on a tripod, shown here (1961) at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland in March 1961. It used the smallest nuclear warhead ever developed by the United States.


Amphibious Cargo Ship USS Rankin (AKA-103 / LKA-103) Tolland class attack cargo ship USS Rankin (AKA-103).

Quarter view of a Soviet Ivan Rogov class ship

Soviet Ivan Rogov-class landing ship.

PZL TS-11 Iskra of Polish Air Force (reg. 1406), static display, Radom AirShow 2005, Poland

PZL TS-11 Iskra (Spark) of Polish Air Force (registration number: 1406) on static display at Radom Air Show 2005.

N. America

  1. North Texas
  2. South Texas
  3. West Texas
    1. South Arkansas
  4. The CSA
    1. Federation of Florida
  5. Socialist Republic of New Africa on the Mississippi
  6. Fashict White Republic of Louisiana
  7. Kingdom of Hawaii
    1. Island Stratocracy of Guam and the American North Pacific
  8. Holy Mormon State of Deseret
  9. Kingdom of Arizona
  10. Stratocracy of New Mexico and Colorado
  11. Republic of Nevada-California
  12. Kingdom of the Great Plains of America
    1. Kingdom of Wyoming
  13. Kingdom of Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee (AKA- The 'USA')
    1. Kingdom of South and West Illinois
    2. Democratic Republic of Chesapeake Bay
    3. Southern Indiana  
    4. Southern Ohio
    5. United Republic of South Missouri and North Arkasass
  14. Democratic Republic of Cascadia
  15. The Republic of Alaska
  16. Democratic Republic of Republic of Minnesota and Wisconsin
  17. Democratic Republic of Pennsylvania
    1. Democratic Republic of the Adirondack Mountains
    2. Northern Ohio
  18. Kingdom of Iowa
    1. North Missouri
  19. New England
    1. The Maritime Provinces
  20. Commonwealth of Canada
    1. Commonwealth of Keewatin
    2. Democratic Republic of Superior
    3. The Republic of Eastern Michigan
  21. Quebec
    1. Greenland
  22. Democratic Republic of the Canadian Prairies
    1. Tribal Federation of Athabasca

Central America and Caribbean

  1. CariCom
  2. Dominican Rep.
  3. Haiti
  4. Nicaragua
  5. Mexico
  6. Panama
  7. Costa Rica
  8. El Salvador
  9. Guatemala
  10. Haiti
  11. Honduras
  12. Puerto Rico
  13. United Republic of Belize and Jamaica

South America

  1. Ecuador
  2. Colombia
  3. Bolivia
  4. Peru
  5. Brazil
  6. Gueinea
  7. Surinam
  8. Gayana
  9. Chilie
  10. Argentina
  11. Paraguy
  12. Uruguay
  13. South Peruvian Pepoles' Republic
  14. Amazonian Repubic
  15. Democratic Repubic of East Patagonia
  16. Stratatoric Central Chilian Republic
  17. Peoples' Democratic Northern Chilian Republic
  18. North Argentin SSR
  19. Fachist West Patagonia
  20. Santa Cruz
  21. Reo Grande De La Sol
  22. Democratic Republic of the Chiloé Archipelago

East Asia

  1. People's Republic of Central China
    1. People's Republic of Sichuan
  2. Yunnan War Lord
    1. Guangxi War Lord
  3. Fujian Democratic Republic
    1. Mercantile Republic of Guangdong and Hainan Island
  4. Tibet
  5. Qinghai War Lord
    1. Xinjiang warlord
  6. Mongolia
  7. Taiwan
  8. Manchuria
  9. Mercantile Republic of Shandong
  10. Gansu-Ningxia
  11. Shaanxi-Shanxi
  12. Jiangsu-Anhui

S.E. Asia

  1. Sultanate of Riau
  2. United Sambas-Pontianak Sultanate
  3. Southern Indonesia
  4. Irian Jaya
  5. Malucca
  6. Dyak Republic of Borneo
  7. Republic of Aché
  8. Timor Leste
  9. Laos
  10. N. Vietnam
  11. S. Vietnam
  12. Malaysia
  13. Pannai
  14. Thailand
  15. Mon-Karen Republic
  16. Cambodia
  17. Berau Sultanate
  18. Sulu Sultanate
  19. Democratic Republic of Shan state
  20. Palembang Republic
  21. Jambi Republic
  22. Philippines
  23. Singapore
  24. Bangsamoro Republic
  25. Republic of Minahasa Peninsula.

Middle East

  1. Yemen
  2. Oman
  3. Jordan
  4. Israel
  5. North Kurdish SSR
  6. Lebanon
  7. The UAE
  8. Emirate of MakkahChiltern Hills1 (talk) 22:01, October 16, 2016 (UTC)
  9. Kingdom of Kuwait
  10. Emirate of Qatar
  11. Emirate Bahrain
  12. Baathist Republic of Iraq
  13. Democratic Peshmerga Republic of South Kurdistan
  14. Islamic Sudanese Republic of Khartoum and Omdurman
  15. Ba'athist Republic of Greater Egypt
  16. Islamic Republic of El-Kufra
  17. Islamic Republic of Fezan
  18. Arab Syrian Republic
  19. Democratic Republic of Izmir
  20. Democratic Republic of Ankara
  21. Democratic Republic of Istanbul

Indian Sub-continent

  1. Mahar Rajadom of Kashmire and Jammur
  2. Federation of India
  3. Sikh Republic of Khalistah
  4. Republic of Gujarat
  5. Republic of Goa
  6. Republic of Karella
  7. Republic of Tamil Eilam
  8. Republic of Sri Lanka
  9. Kingdom of Bhutan
  10. Kingdom of Nepal
  11. Socialist Republic of Myanmar
    1. Moist Republic of Assam
  12. Republic of Bangladesh
  13. Pakistan
  14. Kabulistan
  15. Peshtunistan

Former USSR

  1. Omsk-Tomsk SSR
    1. Ikusk SSR
    2. Far Eastern SSR
    3. Democratic Socialist Republic of Verkhnebureinsky
  2. Democratic Republic of Yakutia
    1. Democratic Republic of Kamchatka
    2. Zabalkalsky Kria
  3. Southern Russia
  4. Western Ukraine
  5. Ruthinian SSR
  6. Belgarod SSR
  7. Lipetsk SSR
  8. Democratic Almaty Republic
    1. Democratic Aktobe Republic
    2. Democratic Mangystau Republic
  9. Uzbekistan
    1. Turkmenistan
    2. Kirghizia
    3. Tajikistan
  10. Mongolia
    1. Alti Republic
  11. Latvia
  12. Lithuania
  13. Taun-Tuva
  14. Estonia
  15. Karaila
  16. Buryat
  17. Kalmykia and Port Astrakan
  18. Dagestan
  19. Ossetia
  20. Chechnya
  21. Transcaucasia SSR
  22. Transnistrian SSR
  23. Mogilev SSR
  24. Democratic Republic of Tobosk
    1. Democratic Socialist Republic of East Siberian
  25. Democratic Socialist Republic of the Urals
    1. Nationalist Republic of Mari El 
    2. Nationalist Republic of Urdmertia
    3. Liberal Democratic Republic of Komi-Kirov
  26. Democratic Republic of Tambov
    1. Ryazan Merchant Citystate
  27. Voronezh Socialist Republic
    1. People Republic of Kursk
    2. Kharkiv-Sumy People's Republic

British Isles

  1. Highland Scotland
  2. Lancashire
  3. Northumbria
  4. Yorkshire
  5. Ireland
  6. Wales and Shropshire
  7. Wessex and the Isle of Wight
  8. Sussex
  9. Union of Matlock, Bakewell, Bolsover
    1. Union of Tuxford, Worksop andMansfield 
    2. United Dutchy of Rugeley, Alrewas, Lichfield and Burton-upon-Trent
    3. Union of Atherstone, Nuneaton, Hinkley and Tamworth
    4. Union of Utoxiter, Cheadle, Leek, Ashbourne and Alton
  10. Lothian, Dunfrees-shire and Ayrshire
  11. Mayoral Republic Ipswitch City.
  12. Democratic Republic of Maldonshire
  13. Chelmsfordshire
  14. Rutlandshire
  15. Lincolnshire
    1. Agrarian Republic of King's Lynn and th Isel of Ealy

Western Europe

  1. Portugal
  2. United Republic of Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria.
  3. Balearic Islands.
  4. Valencia
  5. Catalonia
  6. Cyprus
    1. Andorra
  7. Italy
  8. Malta
  9. The Vatican
  10. San Marino
  11. Monaco
  12. Padania
  13. Metzogerno
  14. N. Germany,
    1. Westphalia
  15. Denmark.
  16. Sweden
  17. Hessen
  18. Therengia-Saxony
  19. Moravia
  20. Castille
  21. Lapland
  22. France
  23. United Kingdom of Limburg and Nimijean
    1. Aachen
    2. Kleef
    3. Groinigen
  24. Flanders
  25. Greater Austria
  26. Greater Switzerland
    1. Liechtenstein
  27. Savoy
  28. Picadrdy
  29. Normandy
  30. Basque Country
  31. Provence
  32. Lille-Wallonia
    1. Luxembourg
  33. Brittany
  34. Denmark
  35. Finland
    1. Karelia
  36. Sweden
  37. Norway
    1. Tromsø
  38. Andalucía
  39. Kingdom of Greece
    1. Democratic Crieatian Republic
    2. Democratic Republic of Rhodes

Eastern Europe

  1. East Germany
  2. Poznań Republic
  3. Bialystok SSR
  4. Free Hungary Republic
  5. Ruthinian SSR
  6. Croatia
  7. Serbia
  8. Slovakia
  9. Socialist confederation of Bosnia
  10. Macedonia
  11. Transylvania
  12. Romania
  13. E. Bulgaria
  14. W. Bulgaria
  15. Albania
  16. Monte Negro


  1. Cameroon
  2. San Tomme and Principe
  3. Equtorial Guniea
  4. Maritiouse
  5. Reunion
  6. Ivory Coast
  7. Islamic Republic of Sokoto
  8. Islamic Republic of Bornu
  9. Christian Federation of Nigeria
  10. Republic of Biafra
  11. Puntlnd
  12. Mogadishu
  13. Jubaland
  14. North Somali Republic
  15. Kingdom of Greater Morocco
  16. N. Algeria
  17. S. Algeria
  18. South Africa
    1. Lesotho
    2. Swaziland
  19. Angola
    1. Cabinda
  20. Zambia
    1. Malawi
  21. Madagascar
  22. Botswana
  23. Mozambique
  24. Kenya
  25. S. Sudan
  26. The CAR
  27. The DRC
  28. Congo (Brazzaville)
  29. Burundi
  30. Rwanda
  31. Gabon
  32. Uganda
  33. Liberia
  34. Mauritania
  35. Republic of Mali
  36. Republic of Burkina Faso
  37. Republic of Niger
  38. Republic of Chad
  39. Islamic Republic of Azawad
    1. Islamic Republic of Agadez
  40. Islamic Republic of Fezan
  41. Republic of Al Kufra
  42. Togo
  43. Benin
  44. Ghana
  45. Djibouti
  46. Guinea
  47. Serra Leonine
  48. Senegal
  49. Republic of Cyrenaica
  50. Republic of Tripolitania
  51. Republic of Northern Algeria
  52. Republic of Tunisia
  53. Republic of Eritrea
  54. Republic of Ethiopia
  55. Republic of Tigrie
  56. Republic of Dafur
    1. Daza, Toubou and Teda Tribal Federation of the Central Sahara
  57. Namibia
  58. Zimbabwie
  59. Cape Verde Islands
  60. Kivu
  61. Senigal
  62. The Gambia
  63. Guinea-Bissau
  64. Republic of Katanga


  1. Commonweath of Australia
  2. Commonweath of New Zealand
  3. Republic of Samoa
  4. Republic of the New Calidonia, Wallis and Fatuna Islands
  5. Fiji
  6. Tonga
  7. The Cook and Kiribati Islands
  8. Solomon Islands
  9. United Island Republic of South Polenysia
  10. PNG
  11. Vanuatu

Game play

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