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An Israeli AN/PRC 77 radio and handset.

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Hello and welcome to the Wiki!

The idea[]

Were you ever turned on by the Cuban Missile Crisis, Checkpoint Charlie, Exercise Reforger, MiG-19, Sputnik or the Berlin Wall? Here is a wiki devoted to the Cold War era! Our mission is to provide a state of the art, up-to-date wiki on all that deals with the Cold War that anyone can edit if they want to.

The Second World War (1939-1945) was a monumental armed event in human history. In addition to being the most destructive war in human history, it set the stage for the post World War 2 world we have today. Just a few years after being allies, the 2 superpowers who had teamed up along side the UK, France, Poland and China to defeat Nazi Germany and it's cohorts became bitter geo-political rivals in a contest to see who would dominate the post World War 2 order that would last 45 years, ending with the demise of the Soviet Union.

So, turn on your AN/PRC-77 Portable Transceiver (after reinstalling the ZN414 integrated circuit), get an account at Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), take an Erythromycin tablet, activate your radar, load your M16, peer over the Inner German Border, order Ordine Nuovo to crush the GRU and KGB spy rings in NATO, phone the White House, prime the ACLMs and fire your Davy Crockett Weapon System at the Symbionese Liberation Army's symbolic Collective farm before they steal our Fouga CM.170 Magisters and loot the our RAF base!

The historical factual data base[]

You can swat up on your Cold War conflict between the USA and it's mostly democratic allies against the USSR and its dictatorial left wing allies. Tap into the knowledge by visiting topics like- Tu 160 bombers, Lockheed F-94 Starfire, RAF Croughton, Tatishchevo Air Base, the Swiss National Redoubt, Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base, Cool fighters/ground attack aircraft, Soviet Ice Breaker Lenin, radar, Bikini Atoll, Exercise Reforger, Explorer 1, Ekranoplans, Treaties, outer space, radome, MiG-17, the 1970 Polish protests, FMA IA 58 Pucará, Fiat G.91, Black Liberation Army (BLA), Soviet AgitProps, CND, Prospero, Voyager 1, Lockheed Corporation, Lockheed X-17, Lockheed F-94 Starfire, Lockheed X-7 "Flying Stove Pipe", the atomic artillery peace ‘Atomic Annie’ and Sputnik on their own entry pages now!

Do you know where Koksan Airport/Airfield is? If not, I just made a page for it!

Watch some Awesome Videos, fly around with some Ekranoplan, and peep at the nuke stuff on the Atomic warfare information notes.

Do you think your being watched? If so see: Zenit 2, GRU, radar, KGB and KH-1 "Corona", C, they might have been taking photos of you!

Heard about the 1968 Polish political crisis and 1970 Polish protests yet? Well, hear it is!

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The planned 1991 New World Order game[]

Fluda city in the Fulda Gap.

USS Bristol County (LST-1198) port bow view in California.

A port bow view of the Russian Navy Sovremenny Class, Destroyer, RFS NASTOYCHIVY (DD 610) underway in the Baltic Sea of the coast of Ventspils, Latvia, while participating in Exercise BALTIC OPERATIONS 2005 (BALTOPS).

The Ecuadorian Navy Leander-class frigate BAE Morán Valverde, formerly the Chilean Navy's Almirante Lynch. The Chilean frigate LYNCH (FFG 07) steams off the coast of Chile during Exercise TEAMWORK SOUTH '99. Date- 30 June 1999.

Boeing CH-47 Chinook is the most common dual rotor helicopter.deployed today. Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division of Fort Campbell Ky., simulate a sling load of a Howitzer with an CH-47 Chinook helicopter at Fort Benning, Ga.

At sea with USS Bataan (LHD-5) Jul. 17, 1999 — The amphibious assault ship Bataan conducts training operations in the Atlantic Ocean in preparation for an upcoming maiden deployment.


Cold War Armor in Germany 1970-1

Real life American Cold War armour in West Germany 1970!

The parallel universe's world in 1994.

See- Scenario: 1991: new world order map game Ever fancy running your own nation. A Basically, map games are a user collaborative alternate history type game in which a starting map is posted by the game’s creator. The players take turns making changes to the map and posting a series of dated alternate historical events beneath it as they act out there plans to run the world and outsmart their rival at military, economy, political and exploration plans (like if they were a real head of state) here is an example of how to do it an alternate wiki and on another wiki and on yet another wiki. A map game is a game where players take turns writing something happening in that time period. The wiki's pages will contain both the game and related pages such as gaming political alliances, gaming national data and some helpful stuff from our world. Mods are there so to make sure is no cheating or tolling.

This (currently on hold) game's scenario is in a parallel universe I created, in which Several unlikely OTL events, big and small, have disrupted history in this parallel universe and in which the flow of history has been deflected on many different alternate courses.It is set in the early 1990s and is based on communist hard-liners toppling Gorby in 1991 . Game play occurs 3 years after the marginally successfully 1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt! Chechenya and Manchuria were understandably not all that concerned since they had there own problems to. Some places like Republic of Bavaria are unique geopolitical quirks of this world.

The game will be played until it is naturally finished and then restarted (as many times as we want) so we can see if can come to a different outcome with different strategies. Feel free to join in! Plausibility is a must have, so no robot space ninjas, Cybermen, Borg, wizards or other supernatural elements! Also see the O.T.L. history notes, War algorithm table and Map game rules for any help.

It is set in the early 1990s and is based on communist hard-liners toppling Gorby in 1991. It is also backed up by factual data base pages so as to give users both a short education on the real life topic. Map games are a popular phenomenon on many sites, so I thought I would make an attempt at a more plausible, but not overly regulated modern era game. This one is an attempt at a neo-Cold War gone hot sim' set in 1994, all-be-it with a small bit of alternate geopolitical frivolity just to liven it up a bit. The game thus spins around the scenario I set out! It is also backed up several by factual pages so as to give users both a short education on the real life topic and an understanding of the game's alternate era scenario. It is also backed up by factual data base pages on things like the Swiss National Redoubt (1880-2010) and the Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base so as to give users both a short education on the real life topic.

It will be set with a fictitious in game start date of January 1994 and carry on as far as we want to go in to the future or until there is a clear victor. There is 1 turn a day and each turn will be the equivalent of 4 months in the game's world. The game will start in our world for a while since I am still working on the support pages. Each game will be identified by a reganl number, the first being New World Order Game #1, the second being New World Order Game #2 and so on!

The ATL parallel universe's 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall was a disaster as the ever feared Stazi and elite troops took control the situations and killed hundreds of protesters in the GDR’s worst ever Cold War massacre. The FRG (W. Germany) officially condemned the crackdown within hours of it happening. A few weeks later Erich Honeker was then quietly retired off against his will and replaced by a new leader who had a phobia to all things democratic. The GDR (E. Germany) has recently started to dabble in low level economic reforms, but it is still a totalitarian, heavily polluted, pro-Soviet police state. Well at least Yemen, Angola, Ethiopia, Hungary and Albania seem to have got rid of their communists, but that is about it.

Did George Bush senior really mean to drop us a big hint with his New World Order speech on the 11th of September 1991?! The marginally successfully 1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt! Chechenya and Manchuria were understandably not all that concerned since they had there own problems to.

In this world peoples' attitudes, tech', sport, creed, politics and the rest are 95% the same as in the real 1994. The difference is largely with a surviving USSR and GDR along with a the number of rival new nations, oddball city states, rebellious territories, unstable borders, unusual borders and surviving minor nations (especially Asian Khanates and Emirates).

See if your chosen nation can influence this world: May be take over the entire world, control the world's oil output, prevent the fall of Communism and/or end poverty in sub-Saharan Africa?

There are a couple of other part made lesser games.

I have added several background pages like- the Swiss National Redoubt (1880-2010), Lockheed F-94 Starfire, Lockheed X-17, RAF Croughton, radar and and the Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base; in the hope I could both aid a seance of realism, to enlighten those who have not lived in the Cold War (I'm 43 years old so I remember Gorby, Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko) and to help point out some lesser OTL/ATL differences that occurred on a more local and national scale that are not listed in the scenario section.

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Pershing Tank-2

The only remaining documented Pershing Tank that cross the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen resides at the Wright Museum in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. This tank was called into action once again. This time, to save a disabled Sherman Tank.

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A Cessna 208B SKS Caravan photographed in flight. Author: Shawn from Airdrie, Canada.

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The Cold War sides in 1953.

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The Cold War sides in 1970.

The Cold War sides in 1980 in our world.

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  2. NATO
  3. Why the USSR broke up in reality
  4. Korean Demilitarized Zone
  5. Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
  6. Australia, New Zealand, United States Security Treaty
  7. John F. Kennedy
  8. Nikita Khrushchev
  9. Europe
  10. Africa
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  17. South East Asia
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  19. The Arctic and the Antarctica
  20. Science
  21. Outer space
  22. Cold War secret police organisations
  23. Noteworthy Air bases
  24. Soviet medals
  25. Fulton surface-to-air 'sky-hook' recovery system
  26. Directory of all Indochinese wars in the Cold War
  27. Cold War
  28. Radar
  29. Military exercises
  30. Weather modification
  31. Ekranoplans
  32. Radio
  33. Tsar Bomba ‎
  34. The Soviet National Praesidium
  35. Praesidium of the Supreme Soviet
  36. Soviet Opytnoye Konstruktorskoye Buros (OKBs)
  37. Bikini Atoll
  38. Johnston Atoll
  39. Organisations
  40. Poland
  41. Cool fighters/ground attack aircraft
  42. Treaties
  43. Biafra War
  44. Vietnam War
  45. Atomic War
  46. The "Friendship Games"
  47. Soviet AgitProps
  48. Komsomol
  49. Collective farms
  50. Virgin Lands Campaign
  51. Soviet "Era of Stagnation"
  52. Gulags
  53. Space rockets
  54. Greenland
  55. Awesome Videos
  56. O.T.L. history notes
  57. NATO
  58. Why the USSR broke up in reality
  59. Korean Demilitarized Zone
  60. Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
  61. Australia, New Zealand, United States Security Treaty
  62. John F. Kennedy
  63. Nikita Khrushchev
  64. Europe
  65. Africa
  66. South America
  67. North America
  68. Central America and the Caribbean
  69. The Middle East
  70. South Asia
  71. East Asia
  72. South East Asia
  73. Oceania
  74. The Arctic and the Antarctica
  75. Science
  76. Outer space
  77. Cold War secret police organisations
  78. Noteworthy Air bases
  79. Soviet medals
  80. Fulton surface-to-air 'sky-hook' recovery system
  81. Cold War
  82. Radar
  83. Military exercises
  84. Nukes
  85. Lockheed F-94 Starfire
  86. Weather modification
  87. Ekranoplans
  88. Radio
  89. Tsar Bomba ‎
  90. The Soviet National Praesidium
  91. Soviet Opytnoye Konstruktorskoye Buros (OKBs)
  92. Bikini Atoll
  93. Johnston Atoll
  94. Organisations
  95. Cool fighters/ground attack aircraft
  96. Atomic Weapons Establishment near Aldermaston
  97. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
  98. Biafra War
  99. Vietnam War
  100. Aircraft
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  102. Navy
  103. Bombers
  104. Tanks and APCs
  105. Helicopters
  106. Cool fighters/ground attack aircraft
  107. The Bay of Pigs Invasion
  108. O.T.L. history notes
  109. NATO
  110. Disasters
  111. Why the USSR broke up in reality
  112. Korean Demilitarized Zone
  113. Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
  114. Australia, New Zealand, United States Security Treaty
  115. John F. Kennedy
  116. Nikita Khrushchev
  117. Red Army racism and shortages!
  118. Europe
  119. Africa
  120. South America
  121. North America
  122. Central America and the Caribbean
  123. The Middle East
  124. South Asia
  125. East Asia
  126. South East Asia
  127. Oceania
  128. The Arctic and the Antarctica
  129. Science
  130. Outer space
  131. Cold War secret police organisations
  132. Noteworthy Air bases
  133. Soviet medals
  134. Cold War
  135. Radar
  136. Military exercises
  137. Weather modification
  138. Radio
  139. Islands
  140. Soviet Social Apparatus
  141. Bikini Atoll
  142. Johnston Atoll
  143. Organisations
  144. Poland
  145. Gulags
  146. Treaties
  147. Biafra War
  148. Vietnam War
  149. Atomic War
  150. The "Friendship Games"
  151. Soviet AgitProps
  152. Lockheed F-94 Starfire
  153. Virgin Lands Campaign
  154. Soviet "Era of Stagnation"
  155. Atomic accidents and disasters
  156. Atomic warfare information notes.
  157. Severnaya Zemlya Islands in Siberia, Russia
  158. Ballistic missile submarines
  159. The GDP factor!
  160. Submarines
  161. Space rockets
  162. Greenland
  163. Thailand
  164. Awesome Videos

Image gallery[]

A AMX-13-A light tank.


A Tu-95MS Bear bomber.

3 Leopard 2A5 tanks.