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The former US President Herbert Hoover had raised the points that killing 25,000,000 Germans in revenge, abolishing all industry, always looting it of anything of value or totally annexing it to one or more of it's neighbours was political and economically insane to say the least! He also pointed out that Europe needed German industry, especial that relating to the coal and steel industries during the March of 1947.

Sir Winston Churchill said such plans were "inhuman and unChristian" while General DeGall wanted to annex the Saar coalfieds, not destroy them!  

The currency reform in 1948 was headed by the the Allied military government and helped Germany to restore economic stability by encouraging production.

The Deutsche Mark, along with the Marshall Plan that propped up many western European nations, appeared to be a way of reviving the ruined German nation regardless of Soviet objections. Stalin considered setting up W. Berlin as a capitalist bastion in the Soviet zone a economic threat and a political provocation.

France also wanted to join the coal-rich Saarland with the iron-rich its province of Lorraine to create a new industrial center to rival Germany's on the River Ruhr and the River Rhine. They thought the Soviets were for the most part right for devastating Germany, but did not want either part or all of Germany to be permanently occupied by the Soviets or turned in to a communist puppet state. This had ready occurred elsewhere with the Czechoslovak coup d'état of 1948.

The Morgenthau Plan and Monnet Plan[]

The Morgenthau Plan and Monnet Plan were

The Morgenthau Plan[]

  • Germany was to be partitioned into two independent states.
  • Germany's main centers of mining and industry, including the Saar Protectorate, the Ruhr and Upper Silesia were to be internationalized or annexed by neighboring nations.
  • All heavy industry was to be dismantled or otherwise destroyed.
  • Germany was to be using ~$6.5 million over 20 years to build some (number unspecified) monuments to the victims of the Holocaust, the occupation of France, the occupation of the Netherlands and Polish political\ethnic war dead.

The Monnet Plan[]


Top ten GDP (real) ranks as of 1946[]

  1. USA ~ $2,375.75 billion
  2. [USSR ~ $605.56 billion
  3. United Kingdom ~ $604.21 billion
  4. India ~ $469.86 billion
  5. China ~ $438.62 billion
  6. France ~ $282.69 billion
  7. Germany ~ $260.95 billion
  8. Italy ~ $208.25 billion
  9. Japan ~ $202.92 billion
  10. Canada ~ $159.38 billion

Occupation zone, region, Landkreise, Kreise and kreisfreie Städte maps[]

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