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The problem

Some ethic groups like Blacks and Chinese were always hated by Whites, while communist infiltration was also a major Cold War concern. Racism, sexism, gay-bashing and bizarre hazing rituals have marred the Army and parts of the Marine Corps up until the Millennium.

The American army where WW2 officially marked the end of segregation in the U.S. military. In 1948 President Truman signed Executive Order 9981 officially ending segregation and racial inequality in the military.

Unofficially beating up and bullying Hispanics was seen as cool until the late 1940s and for Blacks and Coloreds until the mid to late 1970s. It was reportedly slowly diminishing since the millennium. The sexistly motivated raping of female officers lasted until the mid 2000s and sometimes fatal gay-bashing goes on.

This is unlike the Red army were some ethic groups like Jews were always hated by Russians and some other like Lithuanians were relay occupied nations that resented Russian rule. By the late 1960s it was not a overt or heavily disestablishing phenomena, but did occur in a more corrosive and sub-conscious form. This type of discrimination had been declining amongst the Slavic, Moldavian and Baltic groups since the early 1980s.

The unoffical 'order of reliability'

Roles in the army


  • Over 14,000 military men and women were discharged between 1993 and 2011 after being outed.
  • The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which restricted gay, lesbian, and bisexuals service personell from openly serving in the military or being outed by others was scrapped in 2011.


This has deep and historic roots in the southern USA and the breakaway CSA was openly racist to Blacks. Some Native Americans, Hispanics, Jews, Japanese and Chinese have also faced various degrees of racism across the USA over the years, but Japanese, Navajo and Apatchi troops soon proved their worth when deployed in WW2, earning them a lot more respect and less discrimination.

It now appears to be lessening for Hispanics. Arabs and Muslims have faced some expected friction since 9\11, which has increased in recent years.

  • 3% of White, 27% of Black and 27% of Hispanic officers reported experiencing racial discrimination on duty.
  • 22% of White, 19% of Hispanic and 24% of Black soldiers reported experiencing racial discrimination on duty.
  • 900,000 Black 'choclate sodjers' and several thousands of Porto Recans, Japanese and Cubans faught in WW2. Hispanics were treated poorly ant the time and it would be decades befor the blacks got parity or respect.

Historic problems with the natives of Okinawa

There have been several accounts of rape and violence against local Okinawans. They were for the most part ignored until the 1990s.

Abuse of service women

About 19,000 sexual assaults occurred in the military during 2010 but a little less than 14% were reported by the victims.

Vietnam fragging incidents

Known fragging incidents in Vietnam.
1969 1970 1971 1972
Army 96 209 222 28
Marine Corps 30+ 50+ 30+ 5
Suspected 30 62 111 31
Total 156+ 321+ 363+ 64
Deaths 46 38 12 3
Note: Statistics were not kept before 1969.

According to author George Lepre, the total number of known and suspected fragging cases by explosives in Vietnam from 1969 to 1972 totaled nearly 900 with 99 deaths and many injuries. This total is incomplete as some cases were not reported, nor were statistics kept before 1969 although several incidents from 1966 to 1968 are known. Most of the victims or intended victims were officers or non-commissioned officers. The number of fraggings increased in 1970 and 1971 even though the U.S. military was withdrawing and the number of U.S. military personnel in Vietnam was declining.

An earlier calculation by authors Richard A. Gabriel and Paul L. Savage, estimated that up to 1,017 fragging incidents may have taken place in Vietnam causing 86 deaths and 714 injuries of American military personnel, the majority officers and non-commissioned officers.

Fragging statistics include only incidents involving explosives, most commonly grenades. Several hundred murders of American soldiers by firearms occurred in Vietnam but most were of enlisted men killing enlisted men of nearly equal rank. Fewer than 10 officers are known to have been murdered by firearms. However, rumors and claims abound of deliberate killing of officers and non-commissioned officers by enlisted men under battlefield conditions. The frequency and number of these fraggings, indistinguishable from combat deaths, cannot be quantified.

Related issues

America's "generation gap" phenomenon occurred in the 1960s and 1970s.

The army officers, who were overwhelmingly White, right wing, power mad and regularly abused their office. The younger army troops were naturally rebellious, amateurish, paranoid and insubordinate.

At this juncture in time, the USA was de facto run by a gaggle of power thirsty, war wacky, paranoid, 40+ year old, racist, White or Jewish men; whilst most of the riotous collage students and anti-war youth protesters were White or Black, paranoid, left wing, Mao worshiping, 30- year old, narcissistic, druggy, insubordinate drop-outs.

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