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Anápolis AB.
Category. Statistic.
Location. State of Goiás, Brazil.
Opened in. At least by  April 11, 1979, when the 1º GDA arrived.
Closed in. Still open.
Operated by. Brazilian Air Force.
Owned by. Brazilian MoD.
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Air base history[]


The 1º GDA ( Primeiro Grupo de Defesa Aérea – First Air Defence Group) was officially established at the base on April 11, 1979. The the 1º ALADA was disbanded in April 19, and the 1º GDA took over its functions and F-103 aircraft at stationed at Anápolis AB.On April 19, 1979. They used Mirage III fighters in there unit at Anápolis AB.


It was expanded slightly in 2010. 

Life today[]

It is one of their most important bases here, protecting the nearby capital as well as being an important element of the SIVAM project, the Amazonas survey system. 

Anapolis Ab Airport is one of the more than 5,000 private jet airports that can be accessed through PrivateJets.com, but other aircraft now land at the expanded civil airport. Anapolis Ab Airport (SBAN) Charter Flights also land thire on occasion to.

The local civil airport[]

Anápolis has a municipal airport. It was made by the early 1980s and which is being expanded and facility are being upgraded with a cargo facility to gain national airport status, with work beginning in 2011 and costing R$ 140m. 

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