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The event[]

The assassination of US president Donald J. Trump took place at the White House on March 14, 2017. The break in involved 20 assailants who broke into the White House using explosives and guns. There was a total of 21 deaths and 7 injuries. The attack was a hate message.

The attack involved a group of 20 people using brute force to take out any surrounding guards in the area. They then used explosives to break into the building. Then, they killed Trump's family and anyone inside the building. Finally, the assailants killed Donald Trump himself and attempted to escape.

The police had already been notified at this point, and managed to stop 4 of the 5 getaway cars. Using RPGs, the police force exploded one of the cars, spinning 2 of the 3 others out of control. The bodies from the first car were unrecognizable, although families are claiming they know who some are.

Police got into a shootout with the other two cars, and 3 of the hostiles were killed. The others were detained and interrogated. Meanwhile, the 2 other cars were escaping. Police managed to shoot the tires of one car, capturing the people inside. The other car got away, and the remaining assailants are suspected to be hiding in West Virginia.

The attack killed Donald Trump himself, his wife Melania Trump, his daughter Ivanka Trump, and his son Barron Trump. It also killed 7 police officers, 7 assailants, and 3 executives that were at the White House.

Many people were outraged at this event, starting many protests and even riots in many cities, including Los Angelos, Baltimore, Miami, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and more. This assassination also led to the execution of the 9 assailants that were detained.

Later a car bomb exploded near the Libertarian Party's national head Quaters at 1444 Duke St. Alexandria, Virginia, killing 2 cops and injuring 3 executives who worked there.


Deputy President Mike Pence took over and became a grate leader, who hunted down and liquidated all the corrupted Democrats who had plotted to kill both Mr. Trump and the rival Libertarians by 2019.

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