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Astravahini-class torpedo recovery vessel A73. Attribution: Indian Navy.


They specialises in removing and in one (A73) case also launching mines and torpedoes in nortical (out on the open seas) weapons tests and maneuvers.

Accidental losses[]

The A72 sank on 6 November 2014 during a routine exercise near the city of Visakhapatnam after taking on water. 1 sailor dead and 4 went missing.


Astravahini-class torpedo recovery vessel (The specifications for A71 & A72).
Statistic. Data.
Nationality. Indian.
Displacement. 110 tonnes.
Top Speed. 11 knots.
Crew. 13.
Displacement. N\A, but obviously small. Drought: N\A, but obviously small.
Installed power. 720 bhp.
Propellers. 2 propellers.
Range. N\A, but obviously small.
Sensors and processing systems. N\A, but obviously has at least a weather and navigation radar by maritime law.
Armament. None other than the sailor's personal self-defence weapons.
Aircraft carried. Non.
Built in. 1982.
Power source. Diesel engines.
Struck. .
Dose it have nukes. No.
Laid down. .
Launched. .
Completed. .
Commissioned. .
Decommissioned. .
Builder. Goa Shipyard Limited and P.S. & Company for the Indian Navy..
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