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Astravahini Class torpedo recovery vessel (A73)

Astravahini-class torpedo recovery vessel A73. Attribution: Indian Navy.


They specialises in removing and in one (A73) case also launching mines and torpedoes in nortical (out on the open seas) weapons tests and maneuvers.

Accidental lossesEdit

The A72 sank on 6 November 2014 during a routine exercise near the city of Visakhapatnam after taking on water. 1 sailor dead and 4 went missing.


Astravahini-class torpedo recovery vessel (The specifications for A71 & A72).
Statistic. Data.
Nationality. Indian.
Displacement. 110 tonnes.
Top Speed. 11 knots.
Crew. 13.
Displacement. N\A, but obviously small. Drought: N\A, but obviously small.
Installed power. 720 bhp.
Propellers. 2 propellers.
Range. N\A, but obviously small.
Sensors and processing systems. N\A, but obviously has at least a weather and navigation radar by maritime law.
Armament. None other than the sailor's personal self-defence weapons.
Aircraft carried. Non.
Built in. 1982.
Power source. Diesel engines.
Struck. .
Dose it have nukes. No.
Laid down. .
Launched. .
Completed. .
Commissioned. .
Decommissioned. .
Builder. Goa Shipyard Limited and P.S. & Company for the Indian Navy..
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