Astronomical Netherlands Satellite (ANS)\Astronomische Nederlandse Satelliet (ANS)
Category. Statistic.
Launch vehicle. Scout rocket.
Launch date. 30 August 1974.
Launch site. Vandenberg SLC-5.
Ceased operations. June 1976.
Owner(s). NIVR/NASA.
Major contractor(s). NIVR/NASA.
Is it still in orbit. N\A.
Launch mass 129.8 kilograms (286 lb).
Nationality(s). Dutch\American.
Satellite type. A space-based X-ray and ultraviolet telescope.
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FileANS backup flightarticle

A backup flightarticle of the Astronomische Nederlandse Satelliet, Date: 14 June 2006. Author: Dutchsatellites.

It was the first Dutch satellite.

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