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A Titan II missile (a type of ICBM) being launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Why were they used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki[]


Worlds Top 5 Nuclear Power Comparison 2015.

Worlds Top 5 Nuclear Power Comparison 2015.

  1. To avoid an invasion of Japan in which ~5,000,000 Japanese, ~1,000,000 Americans and ~1,500,000 other Allied forces would die!
  2. To shorten the war by ~6 months and thus pre-empting the Soviet plans to invade Hokkaido!
  3. To test a new weapon on a city!
  4. To scare the USSR!
  5. To teach Japan a lesson for the Pearl Harbour Raid.
  6. To intimidate the rest of the word with.
  7. To get necrophilia high for those who let it be used?
  8. As part of the US military and government aleged racist agenda, because it was, atleast in part, fixated with the mass killing Orientals.

The ultimate launch control[]

They can be only lanced by the relevant personnel using a 'nuclear briefcase'. the inenty of 4 of them are known: Nuclear briefcase (UK) Cheget (USSR\Russia), «mobile base» (France) or Nuclear football (USA).

The idea[]


Minuteman Missile Tour in South Dakota FULL-0

First we check out the Ballistic missile site Delta-09 then go in for the tour at the Launch Control Facility, Delta-01. The guide was GREAT, I believe his name is Dale. Enjoy! and lets hope this technology is never used :/ It is certainly some dark stuff.

Here are some details on the effects of nuclear war to help any one on an atomic war scenario.

We are all vulnerable to the threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. At the present time ex-President Obama worries more about the threat of terrorists' improvised (~10-100 ton) nuclear device going off in a major American city than anything else. If the warmongering President Trump, insane Kim-Jong-UN and power crazed President Putin decide to end their political hatred and war posturing by eventual a declare war on each other's nation...

Researchers have simulated the devastating effects of a small nuclear war for the first time.

The affects of some nukes are listed for lovers and opponents of global thermonuclear wars to note! For reference purposes, the bomb the U.S. dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, in 1945, had a yield of 20-21 kt (20-21 Kilotons or the force of 20,000 to 21,000 tons of TNT).

A battle simulation[]

The maps[]

http://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/ screen grab. New York (20 t, 20 kt and 800 kt), Lima (20 t), Bangui (20 t) and Moscow (150 kt).


The table[]

The 20 ground burst locations. Bomb yield. The Dead. The Wounded.
Ellis Island, NY 2 tones (theoretically possible) 0 0
Bangui Airport, Bangui 20 tones (t) 1 10
Lima Airport, Lima 20 tones 27 15
Ellis Island, NY 20 tones 51 9
Botín Cafe, Madrid 100 tones 0 6,110
Prince Street station, Lower Manhattan, NY 100 tonnes 1 7,550
CSX South Kearny Yard, New Jersey 100 tones 10 110
Ellis Island, NY 100 tones 52 10
Belfast City Hall, Belfast 100 tones 2,060 680
Gum superstore, Moscow 100 tones 3,680 1,930
Xi'an City Sports Park, Xi'an 2 kilotons (Kt) 90 1,230
Ellis Island, NY 20 Kt 930 50,180
Xi'an City Sports Park, Xi'an 20 Kt 11,180 35,450
CSX South Kearny Yard, New Jersey 20 kt 1,630 12,920
Gum superstore Moscow 20 Kt 42,650 123,910
Simultaneously at Lower Bicester army depot, Bicester Aerodrome and Upper Arncotte army depot in Oxfordshire. 3x 20 Kt (Total yield 3 x20 kt= 60kt in a close proximaty to each other.) 9,830 14,900
Ellis Island 45 Kt 5,320 130,100
Gum superstore Moscow 150 Kt 176,220 473,400
Ellis Island NY 800 Kt 335,300 1,253,600
Botín Cafe, Madrid 5 megatons (Mt) 1,717,410 1,229,920

Basic weapons, delivery, aftermath and procurement data[]

  1. Yep, millions are died!!!
  2. Much of the destruction caused by a nuclear explosion is due to the blast effects, but thermal energy fires will also occur. A minor earthquake would happen with ground blasts over circa ~25kt and the detonation point, known as ground zero, will always be vaporized.
  3. If the fireball from an air burst touches the ground or it is ground burst, more soil is evaporated, thus increasing radioactive fall out.
  4. An American precision strike on the Russian ICBM silos would kill ~5-8 million Russians in 2014.
  5. If a ground burst by a 20kt bomb occurred at about the same time on both the Lower Bicester army depot, Bicester Airodrome and Upper Arncotte army depot in Oxfordshire, then it can be predicted that the village of Ambrosden would be in ruins, Bicester town heavily damage, some villages like Launton heavily irradiated and several more villages like Wendlebury and Chesterton slightly irradiated. If the NUKEMAP simulator's windsock control key is set to make 45 degree angle wind to the north east, then radioactive fall out would devastate Bletchley, Milton Keayns, Wolverton and Buckingham, leading to mass panic and later lots of ill health! The NUKEMAP atomic war simulation site reckoned on immediate casualties of about- Estimated fatalities of 9,830 and Estimated injuries of 14,900!
  6. There were still some 26,000 nuclear warheads in the world as of 2013.
  7. Under section 4 of the NATO charter, an attack on a any NATO country is an attack on all.
  8. A 1 megaton hydrogen bomb, detonated on the earth's surface (ground burst), has about ~80 times the blast power of that 1945 explosions.
  9. NUKEMAP, created by Alex Wellerstein, a nuclear historian, allows people to explore the blast radius of a nuclear bomb anywhere in the world. NUKEMAP is a Google Maps mash-up that calculates the effects of the detonation of a nuclear bomb. It is a nuclear weapons effects simulator for Google Earth. You can choose both the size of the bomb (explosive yield in tons, kilotons or megatonns), air or surface burst, wind direction, predicted death toll listings, crater size ring and location.
  10. The so-called DFZ or "the Dangerous Fallout Zone" will extend out as much as 20 miles, but it is likely to be extremely narrow level for most of this zone leading to only a long term cacer risk, not sudden death by acute radiation poisoning.
  11. The latest N. Korean test was at 10Kt.
  12. At 0.5-1 Gray (Gy) will cause a decreased production of immunity cells and thus susceptible to infections leading to septic wounds, nausea, headache, and vomiting may be common. Most people will live, but many will later get cancer. At 1.5-3 Gray: ~35% percent of exposed die within 30 days.There would be Nausea, vomiting, and hair loss over all the victims' body area. Over 5 Grays of initial blast radiation will kill many people and give all radiation sickness.
  13. Sweden, S. Africa, Ukraine and Kazakhstan gave up nuclear weapons.
  14. Nukes are held by- China, USA, UK, Russia, N. Korea (a total of ~5 10 kt devices only in 2013), Israel, India, Pakistan and France. Iran is also plotting to get them.
  15. China had procured at least 12 stealthy diesel-electric Kilo-class subs from Russia by 2013, while the U.S. military has shifted its focus away from Cold War skills, like submarine hunting and detection.
  16. The trauma from shrapnel like broken glass and shattered wood is probably the largest treatable type of atomic blast injury.
  17. Valves (thermal vacuum tubes) are uniquely almost immune to an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP). Transistors are vulnerable to it. Integrated circuits and microchips are the most vulnerable.
  18. A 100 kt nuke set with an optimum air burst to maximize surface destruction would be truly devastating! The radius of 10 PSI over-pressure that collapses non reinforced buildings is 1.3 miles and the radius of thermal (heat) energy causing 3rd degree burns is 3.2 miles!
  19. The Manhattan Project cost 2 billion USD, or 26 billion adjusted for inflation. It involved over 130,000 people, 30+ locations, and almost a hundred scientists. It was, until the Space Race, the most resource-consuming project in human history.


As with all wars there are limitations to practicality and the risk of over kill, the destruction of what is supposed to be captured and one's own forces and their allies.

Mission Target. Yield. Nuke. Dead. Wounded. Outer edge of 3rd degree burns.
Wipe out most of a major city Broadway-Lafayette Subway Station, NY. Russian SS-25 Topol 800kt 1,180,300 1,401,440 60% in to SCX South Kerny Yard, NY.
Destroy a major military base and support centre Chambers Field NAS, Norfolk, VA French TN80/81 300kt 16,550 46,980 Bud Metheny Baseball Facility, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
Completely and pointlessly annihilate Spokane, Washington, and it's out-lying suberbs like Airway highs. Unerhill Park, Spokane WA Chinese Dong Fen 5 5mt 170,330 116,030 25% in to Meadow Wood Golf Course
Destroy a major railroad marshalling yard The SCX South Kerny Yard, NY. Largest Indian atomic missile 60kt 4,540 54,740 Hudson City Savings Bank, John F. Kennedy Blvd, near the junction with Jewett Ave.
Destroy 42nd Street Port Authority Bus Terminal, PABA bus terminal (ACE), Time Sq-42nd St station, Av/w 41st station, The Manhattan Thearter Centrer and The Times Centre. 42nd Street Port Authority Bus Terminal, PABA bus terminal (ACE) American Davy Crockett battle field nuke. 20 tones 18,590 11,540 Madame Tuasudes NY, but there is a even larger radiation zone with this one and it reached Golder Mayer Sq, NY.
Destroy central Ocala Chazal Park, Ocala N. Korean highest A-bomb blast 10kt 2,160 7,260 Uncle Roy's Mobile Home Sales, NW 4th Ave



World War 3 Russia conducts surprise Large Scale Snap Nuclear Attack Drill (Oct 31, 2013)

World War 3: Russia conducts surprise Large Scale Snap Nuclear Attack Drill (Oct 31, 2013).


NUCLEAR-WAR---N-Korea-ARTILLERY-n-strategic-MISSILE-forces-on-ALERT-to-ATTACK-US-targets- WW3



Soviet Union destroys North America (Nuclear War) - clip from the 1977 film

Soviet Union destroys North America (Nuclear War) - clip from the 1977 film.


Atomic Alert A Real Attack

The propaganda film "Atomic Alert: A Real Attack".


Atomic Attack (1950)

Atomic Attack (1950).


Nuclear Attack Strike On The U.K. Scenario (Not For The Squeamish)-0

Nuclear Attack Strike On The U.K. Scenario (Not For The Squeamish).


Protect & Survive - 1970's UK Public infommercials On Nuclear War Preparation

Protect & Survive - 1970's UK Public infommercials On Nuclear War Preparation.


Nuke prank UK HD

Nuke prank UK HD by You Tube user The Volvic3 Project.


THERMONUCLEAR WARFARE U.S. Nuclear Retaliation Scenario (720p)

THERMONUCLEAR WARFARE: U.S. Nuclear Retaliation Scenario (720p).

Why use them?[]

Alaska and the Yukon have really rugged terrain [1], [2] , [3]and [4] as has Kamchatka, Yakutia and Chukotka [5],[6] and [7], and the the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan [8] so troops and local partisans could hunker down and hide out for ages. Fully conquering them with out WMD would be difficult. They are also good for wiping out amassed armies and major industrial cities.

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