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Vienna was badly damaged by 2 50kt Soviet free fall bombs.

The 2012 coup-


  1. Austrian Federation.
  2. Capital- Graz.
  3. Largest city- Graz.
  4. Language- Austrian German and Bavarian German.
  5. Ethnic Groups- Austrians, German, Italian, Czech, Slovene and Slovak.
  6. Demonym- Austrian.
  7. Government-Federal parliamentary republic
  8. Legislature-Parliament.
  9. Currency- Swiss Franc.
  10. Population- 6,306,626 + 1,500,000 FRG, 250,000 GDR, 100,000 Italian, 25,000 Czech, 5,000 Slovene and 5,000 Slovak refugees.
  11. Other cities- Saltzburg (It is still partly in ruins), Klagenfurt, Sankt Pölten, Linz, Innsbruck and Bregenz.
  12. The other allied states- Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Dolní Dvořiště.

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