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The Balkan League (Bulgarian: Балкански съюз, Romanian: Liga Balcanică, Croatian: Balkanski savez, Macedonian: Балкански сојуз) was a military and economic pact formed by the Kingdom of Bulgaria, Kingdom of Romania, and the Independent State of Croatia in November 1951. The pact was proposed by Bulgaria and aimed primarily at countering the increasingly expansionist Turkish actions in neighboring occupied Greece. The three original members were joined by the Independent State of Macedonia, a Bulgarian client state, toward the end of the month.

After a tense standoff, last-minute negotiations between Bulgaria and Turkey resulted in the latter also joining the League to prevent war.


Country Joined
21px Bulgaria 18 November 1951
21px Romania 19 November 1951
21px Croatia
21px Macedonia 27 November 1951
21px Turkey 11 January 1952