Batajnica Air Base
Category Statistic
Location. Serbia.
Opened in. Built in 1947, but opened in 1951.
Closed in. Still open.
Operated by. Serbian DoD.
Owned by. Serbian Airforce.
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Batajnica Air Base control tower during Batajnica Airshow, 2012

Batajnica's control tower.

MiG-21 bis Batajnica, september 13, 2009

A MiG-21 gate guardian at Batajnica.

It was devastated in a 25 day NATO bombing raid in During the 1999. 2 USAF F-16 fighter jets visited Batajnica airbase in June 2006, the first since the NATO bombing. Thierare plans for it to open to civil aircraft in the near future.

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