Belize is a small country located on the eastern coast of Central America on the Caribbean Sea, and shares its borders with Mexico and Guatemala. It was a British colony and it was formerly known as British Honduras. Area-wise (only 22,966 km²) it is a very small nation, and its population is 287,730. It is the only English speaking country of Central America. Belize shares its name with the Belize River, the longest river of Belize, and Belize City, the former capital and largest city of Belize. The origin of the word Belize is shrouded in mystery. Some believe that it is derived from Spanish pronunciation of Wallace, the last name of the pirate who created first settlement in Belize in 1638. Another theory postulates that Belize is derived from the Maya word, belix, which means "muddy water" and is applied to the Belize River.

The place has a long history and there are definite indications that the Maya civilization spread over Belize between 1500 BC and 300 AD and continued to thrive until about 900 AD. Europeans started reaching the place by around early 17th century. During the 18th century, it grew as a British colony and acquired the name of British Honduras. British Honduras became a self-governing colony in 1964 and was renamed Belize in 1973. Belize gained full independence in 1981. It had a territorial dispute with its neighbouring country Guatemala which did not recognize the sovereignty of Belize for many years. Guatemala extended its formal recognition to Belize in 1991.


Air Transportation

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Corozal DistrictEdit

Hotels and Lodging
Restaurants and Dining

Belize DistrictEdit

Hotels and Lodging
Restaurants and Dining

Orange Walk DistrictEdit

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Stann Creek DistrictEdit

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Glovers Reef Atoll
Glovers Reef Atoll Service Providers
Tobacco Caye
Turneffe Atoll

Cayo DistrictEdit

Hotels and LodgingEdit

Ian Anderson's Caves Branch - Off of the Western Highway

  • Excellent Food/Lodge - Meals with other lodgers
  • Amazing Outdoor Showers
  • Comfortable Beds
  • Super fun activities

Cahal Pech Village Resort

  • Near San Ignacio

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Toledo DistrictEdit

Hotels and LodgingEdit

Punta Gorda
  • St. Charles Inn - 23 King Street
    • Downtown, inexpensive ($20–25 for a single), clean but minimal
    • Low cost and close proximity to the peir and downtown restaurants/bars
    • Warm water showers
    • Hammocks on the balcony to enjoy (although a neighbor has a parrot who may detract from your peace)
  • Hickatee Cottages
    • Slightly outside of town - transportation to/from airport provided
    • Bikes provided/rentable for in-town transportation
    • Well appointed cottages with excellent design and finishes
    • Beautiful surrounding gardens with diverse orchids, bromeliads and hammocks to enjoy
    • Excellent meals by Ian and his lovely wife
    • Air conditioning is not standard - ceiling fans in every cottage
    • Warm showers
  • Coral House Inn
    • Western style hotel very near downtown
    • Free bikes to ride (5 mins to downtown)
    • 24 Hour Security
    • Air conditioning, televisions, warm showers
    • Pool and pool bar (with honor system)
  • Cotton Tree Lodge
    • Outside of town but an excellent jungle ambiance
    • Cabanas are well appointed
    • Side trips to the Butterfly Farm on Wednesdays
  • Sea Front Inn
    • Across from the water and very close to Gomiers Restaurant
    • Within walking distance from the public pier and marina
    • TV/Air Conditioning/Warm showers
  • Charltons Inn - 9 Main Street
    • Downtown and close to restaurants/bars
    • Inexpensive
    • Overnight Security
  • Additional Listing

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Sopadilla Cayes


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In Belize public transport is not reliable so we recommend [renting a car] see

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