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Belmont (Middlesex) Station. View northward, towards Stanmore; Harrow & Wealdstone - Stanmore branch, closed Belmont - Stanmore (Village) 15/9/52 (goods 6/7/64); Belmont station (only opened 12/9/32) was closed 5/10/64 when line from Harrow was closed (completely). Date: 19 February 1961. Attribution: Ben Brooksbank.

Belmont (Harrow) railway station[]

Belmont was a station in Belmont, north-west London. It was opened on 12 September 1932 by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway as the only intermediate station on a short branch line (opened in 1890) running north from Harrow & Wealdstone to Stanmore, in anticipation of the Metropolitan Railway opening its own branch line to a new Stanmore station (now served by the Jubilee line) the same year.

Belmont station was rebuilt with a central island platform and a passing loop. The rebuilt station opened on 5 July 1937. The station was located on the north side of Kenton Lane to the west of Belmont Circle.

From the perspective of the branch line, the connection to the main line was north-facing, i.e. away from central London. Hence the branch line could not take direct commuter services from the city, limiting its operation to a shuttle service.

The direct service provided by the Metropolitan offered strong competition to the L&NWR station at Stanmore and passenger services beyond Belmont were ended on 15 September 1952, though a daily freight train served the goods yard at Stanmore. The passing loop was removed in 1955. The line to Stanmore was closed completely on 6 July 1964, as part of the railway cuts implemented under the Beeching Axe. Passenger services from Belmont to Harrow were withdrawn on 5 October 1964.

The track was lifted in 1966 and the station site is now occupied by a car park.

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