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Bressay transmitting station is a broadcasting transmission facility for the Shetland Islands, located on the isle of Bressay, owned and operated by Arqiva (previously National Grid Wireless). The transmitting station is based on the Ward of Bressay, the island's highest peak.

The facility includes two steel lattice towers both over 70m high.


  1. Location- Bressay, Shetland Islands.
  2. Tower height- 70 metres (230 ft).
  3. Coordinates- 60.13°N 1.095833°W.
  4. Grid reference- HU5022838667.
  5. Built- 1964.
  6. BBC region- BBC Scotland.
  7. ITV region- STV North.


In Stage One, BBC Two Scotland was switched off and anyone with Freeview, BT Vision or Top Up TV needed to re-tune. The date for this was 5 May 2010.

In Stage Two, analogue was permanently switched off and anyone with Freeview, BT Vision or Top Up TV will need to re-tune again. The date for this stage was 19 May 2010.

Soon afterwards, HD and high-powered Freeview services came in instead of the flawed analogue signal.

It is the most northerly in the UK as of 2017 and has never been accused of being used for secret broadcasts during the Cold War, but the emergency services reportedly use it for routine traffic.

Current transmission services[]

Current transmission services.
Frequency MHz. Frequency Block. kW. Operator.
474.166 MHz 21+ 2 Arqiva B DVB-T
482.166 MHz 22+ 2 BBC B DVB-T2
498.000 MHz 24 2 Arqiva A DVB-T
506.000 MHz 25 2 Digital 3&4 DVB-T
522.000 MHz 27 2 SDN DVB-T
530.000 MHz 28 2 BBC A DVB-T
88.3 MHz . 43 BBC Radio 2
90.5 MHz . 43  BBC Radio 3
92.7 MHz . 43 BBC Radio Shetland
94.9 MHz . 43 BBC Radio 4
96.2 MHz . 15kW, but is allowed to go up to 50kW. SIBC
97.9 MHz . 43 BBC Radio 1
N\A? N\A? N\A, probably high? UK emergency services, if they do use it.


Shetlands, northern Orkneys, several oil rigs and a large slice of the North Sea.


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