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This is a list of baseless racial\political stereotypes about Argentina and Argentines. It is most strongly believed in by Baby Boomers and rejected by Millenials.

The listEdit

The list.
Stereotype. Fact.
They are thick. The Argentine IQ is of a normal range, but on an individual basis the UK has a low advantage of about 1 to 5 points, 8 points if you put the brightest average British vs the dimmest average Argentine.  
The Conquest of the Desert did not happen. It did happen.
Agrentina lost the Conquest of the DesertThy wone it and wiped out the natives.
The Mapuches don't exist. Argentina and Chile slaughtered them. Only a few tens of thousand remain now.
They are cowards. The Falklands War was witness to a army of traumatised and cold teenage rookies being used as cannon fodder by older profesional troops. The teens were not cowardly, but shivering out of ether extreme cold or mental injury.
No industry, give or take some rural trades such as leather and mutton. They have a resonable amount given the nation's resorses, loaction, population and size.
No major immigration after Río de la Plata became independent, especially to Patagonia after the Conquest of the Desert. It was flooded with Irish, Welsh, Germans, Swits, Poles, Hungarians, Russians Scandinavians, Latins and Scandinavians between about 1865 and 1945.
The ARA General Belgrano was a then modern ship and made in Argentina. It was built during 1935, in the USA and was a veteran of the Pearl Habour raid of WW2. Agentina to contole of it in 1951.
The Falklands War was a predestined UK victory. Argentina botched it and did rushed job. If the UK had spent more time negotiation Argentina could have occupied the islands more effectively.
They always had ecanomic problems and always will. The economy is prone to poor economics, political strife and marked volatility. Argentina has also  had some boom times.
Argentina has non police force WTF, that is so stupidly untrue.,,,, and

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