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The flag of Chile.


This is a list of baseless racial\political stereotypes about Chile and Chileans. It is most strongly believed in by Baby Boomers and rejected by Millenials.

The listEdit

The list.
Stereotype. Fact.
They are thick. The Chilean IQ is of a normal range, but on an individual basis the UK has a low advantage of about 1 to 3 points, 6 points if you put the brightest average British vs the dimmest average Chiean.  
The Occupation of Araucanía did not happen. It did happen.
Chile stayed out of the Conquest of the Desert and Occupation of AraucaníaThey won it's Andean parts and slaughtered the natives.
The Mapuches don't exist. Argentina and Chile slaughtered them. Only a few tens of thousand remain now.
They were not part of the Falklands War. They were a major non-military allie of the UK.
They are obsessed with copper. It is the major national resource and about 10% of industry and employment are connected to it.
They have a major issue with abnormally severe childhood tooth decay. Their teeth are as good as would be expected for such a place an lifestyle.
They don't have submarines. They have had them since 1917.

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