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Flag of Iran

The flag of Iran. The tricolor flag was introduced in 1906, but after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 the Arabic words 'Allahu akbar' ('God is great'), written in the Kufic script of the Qur'an and repeated 22 times, were added to the red and green strips where they border the white central strip. The official ISIRI standard (translation at FotW) gives two slightly different methods of construction for the flag: a compass-and-straightedge construction used for File:Flag of Iran (official).svg, and a "simplified" construction sheet with rational numbers used for this file.


This is a list of baseless racial\political stereotypes about Iran and Iranians. It is most strongly believed in by Baby Boomers and rejected by Millenials.

The listEdit

The list.
Stereotype. Fact.
They are thick. They have slightly Above the average Arab IQ (IQ 87-97), Central Asian average IQ (IQ 87-97) and Mediterranean European Average IQ (IQ 90-95). Iran IQ (IQ 88-98). 
They all were chadors.  ..
They are all poor . .
It is run by priests. ..
It's full of deserts and mountains. ..

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