The locationEdit

It was in in the Constituent Atomic Center, a unit of the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) located on the boundary between that jurisdiction and the City of Buenos Aires and the province of Buenos Aires.

The 1983 accidentEdit

A criticality accident on research reactor RA-2 during a failed fuel rod rearrangement killed 1 operator and injured 2 others. A serious human error operating the refueling equipment caused the power excursion in the reactor research called RA-2. The wrong fuel plate reconfiguration in the experimental test reactor led to an excursion of 3×1017 fissions at the RA-2 facility. The operator absorbed 20 Gy of gamma and 17 Gy of neutron radiation which killed him 2 days later. Another 17 people outside of the reactor room absorbed doses ranging from 350 mGy to less than 10 mGy.

It was a Level 4 INES Scale event.

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