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The place[]

Chernyakhovsk (Russian: Черняхо́вск; German: Insterburg ; Lithuanian: Įsrutis; Polish: Wystruć) is both a town and the administrative center of Kaliningrad Oblast's Chernyakhovsky District. It is located at the confluence (joining poin) of both the Instruch River and the Angrapa Rivers, forming the Pregolya River. The census returns were that the population stood at-: 40,464 (2010 Census preliminary results); 44,323 (2002 Census); 39,622 (1989 Census).

The local football club is Yorck Boyen Insterburg and was officaly formed in 1921.

the formally ethically German, Polish and Lithuanian town of Insterburg was ethically cleansed by the USSR in 1945 and renamed Chernyakhovsk in 1946 to honor of the Soviet World War II General of the army Ivan Chernyakhovsky, who was killed in the Battle of Königsberg.

It is home to the Chernyakhovsk naval air facility.

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