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China Mansion Hotel Shanghai: China Mansion Hotel is China's first deluxe boutique hotel housed in a luxury 1930's building. 82 Xin Le Rd. Shanghai. China t: 86 21 5403 9888


China Tours 2014  China is a country of great diversity with stunning scenery and diverse ethnic cultures, one of the world's longest histories, and ultra-modern cities. 

China highlights can give you more  attractions info about China.

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Classic China tour itineraries & packages are available for visitors' various needs such as family, honeymoon, study, culture, history, golf, hiking and more travel interests.

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Detailed information about top China attractions and famous places cover Beijing Forbidden City, Great Wall, Xian Terracotta Army Warriors, Guilin Li River, The Bund Shanghai, Lhasa Potala Palace, Dunhuang Mogan Caves, Yangtze River

In Harbin, China they have their Snow and Ice Festivals! People come from all around the world to make sculptures with the snow and ice. There are so many beautiful different pieces of art there, when I went some people created one and it had Pirates of the Caribbean. Also if you want to go you will deffinitaly want to dress for the weather, I had to wear up to 4 layers of clothing! If you wanted to spend the money you could pay to ride their giant snow hills it would be a huge thrill. Another cool thing you could do is pay to be able to hold and take a picture with a snow fox, they are so fluffy! I totally recommend you should go to the neat snow and ice festivles!


Chinese Traditional clothes

Chinese Traditional clothing is a great way to bring a piece of the East back home with you to the West. The Chinese Traditional clothing include Qipao, Hanfu, Silk Robes and so on.
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China Travel Cards: Resource for people traveling to China who do not speak Chinese. These cards have over 90 prepared sentences that allow you to communicate by simply pointing to the phrase you wish to say. Excellent for those emergency situations when you need to speak with police, doctors, or dentists. Also contains phrases for those everyday encounters that can be extremely frustrating for tourists who cannot speak Chinese.It's a good idea to get yourself a guide/translator.


I suggest you guys should go to any Chinese Hot Pot resturants. Its amazingly delicious!!!! All you do is order for raw food, a waiter brings a Hot Pot and pours hot water down and you cook your food in that. DELICIOUS. Also up in well in any place in China where theres a hotel for American people to stay theres usually a McDonalds, KFC, and Pizza Parlor for Americans like us.


Night life in Guanzho doesn't get any calmer in China. At night you'll here cars and people outside your hotel. In Harbin is also alive at night, you still can here the music and the talking outside your window, but its really beautiful at night there the ice sculptors are lit up and bright and they have pretty colors.

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