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McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Promo Film - 1970

Rejoice DC-10 fans...this is the film you've been waiting for!! Includes roll-out, first flight, etc. Many thanks to Geoffrey Thomas. For educational & non commercial purposes only. Be sure to check my channel for the best in VINTAGE & RARE airliner videos!


Lockheed L-1011 Tristar Promo Film - 1970

Tristar fans rejoice...this is the film you've been waiting for!! Includes first flight, introduction ceremony, etc. MANY THANKS to Geoffrey Thomas. Be sure to check my channel for the best in VINTAGE & RARE airliner videos!


Vickers Vanguard lands at Brooklands -- The incredible story-0

On the 17th of October 1996 the worlds only surviving Vanguard (Merchantman) G-APEP made its last ever flight into Brooklands. This may not seem very surprising as Vanguards flew in and out of Brooklands all the time, back in the days when they were building them there. However, now the Runway had been cut in half by the new road - Wellington Way. Also, the airfield had not been an operational field for many years and offered many challenges to the brave crew! At the time I was Managing director of National Rescue and had been planning to movie the aircraft by road. I was very pleased when Peter and Gary said the could fly it in. So they went off and practised short landings at the Aircrafts base at East Midlands Airport, while we put a plan together to close a busy industrial estate down, while they landed. This video shows you what happened on the day, from my vantage point up in the Control Tower.


Ticket Through The Sound Barrier - 1966 Supersonic Transport Educational Documentary - WDTVLIVE42

Examines the Supersonic Transport (SST)development programs being undertaken at the time including Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde, Tupolev Tu-144 and Boeing 2707. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in association with WGBH-TV Boston produced this documentary in 1966 for NASA. . . WDTVLIVE42 - Transport, technology, and general interest movies from the past - newsreels, documentaries & publicity films from my archives.


Concorde - Up in Flames Mayday Air Crash Investigation (HD)

Concorde on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ConcordeSST Air Crash Investigation: Concorde - Up In Flames (S14E07) On 25 July 2000, a Concorde operating as Air France Flight 4590 en route to New York City, USA, stalls and crashes into a hotel in Gonesse shorty after take off from Charles de Gaulle International Airport. The plane had struck foreign debris from a Continental Airlines DC-10 causing the plane’s fuel tanks to ignite and the engines to fail. All of the 109 passengers and crew die in the incident and 4 on the ground. The Upload from Air Crash Investigation belong to their respectful owner, National Geographic, Discovery, Cineflix and NextFilm Full Widescreen HD Documentary.


Seconds From Disaster Comet Air Crash

Seconds From Disaster Comet Air Crash Seconds from Disaster takes infamous moments in history such as the Concorde accident, September 11th, and the Oklahoma City bombing, and deconstructs the events that lead up to them moment by moment. Seconds from Disaster also blends advanced CGI, archival footage, re-enactments, forensic science, dramatic eyewitness accounts and expert testimony in order to depict the sequence of events that explains why each event occurred.

Crashes and incidents[]

  1. 9\11
  2. Bird strike
  3. 1972 Staines Air Crash
  4. Aviogenex Flight 130 crash
  5. 1976 Zagreb mid-air collision
  6. United Airlines Flight 629
  7. The truth about air rage
  8. BOAC Flight 781 crash
  9. The Korean Air Flight 007 incident in 1983

International airports[]

  1. Helsinki Vantaa Airport
  2. Berlin Tempelhof Airport
  3. LAX (airport)
  4. New York JFK Airport
  5. London Heathrow
  6. London Gatwick
  7. London Luton Airport
  8. London City Airport
  9. Maya-Maya Airport
  10. Airports


  1. Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet
  2. Lockheed L-1011 Tristar
  3. McDonnell Douglas DC-10
  4. McDonnell Douglas MD-11
  5. Boeing 2707 SST
  6. Lockheed L-2000
  7. Boeing 707
  8. Boeing 377 Stratocruiser
  9. Douglas DC-6
  10. Douglas DC-3
  11. Lockheed Constellation
  12. Douglas C-47 Skytrain
  13. Lockheed L-2000 (The SST)
  14. Lockheed L-1649 Starliner
  15. Learjet 23
  16. Beechcraft Musketeer
  17. Cessna Caravan
  18. Piper Pawnee
  19. Cessna 188


  1. PZL M28 Skytruck


  1. Aérospatiale\British Aircraft Corporation Concorde


  1. de Havilland DH 106 Comet
  2. Britten-Norman Islander
  3. Vickers Vanguard
  4. Vickers Viscount
  5. Bristol Type 223


  1. Sud Aviation Super-Caravelle
  2. ATR 72


  1. Ilyushin Il-76
  2. Tupolev Tu-134A
  3. 'Concordski' Tu-144 "Charger"
  4. Tupolev Tu-144 a

W. Germany[]

  1. Dornier Do 228


  1. Harbin Y-12


  1. UTVA-60
  2. Utva-65


  1. de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver
  2. de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter
  3. de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter
  4. de Havilland Canada Dash 7
  5. Bombardier Dash 8
  6. de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk


  1. TWA
  2. BOAC
  3. PanAm
  4. Dan-Air
  5. Aeroflot
  6. Royal Air Maroc
  7. Airbus Group SE
  8. Imperial Airways
  9. Fabrika Aviona Utva
  10. Lockheed Corporation
  11. Trans World Airlines (TWA)
  12. British Caledonia (Be Cal)
  13. Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA)
  14. Pan American World Airways (Pan Am)
  15. De Havilland Aircraft Company Limited
  16. British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC)

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