Template:Computer The Commodore 64 is arguable Commodore's most famous product. It was the successor to the Commodore VIC-20.

Description Edit

The original Commodore 64, which was nicknamed the Breadbin looked very similar to the VIC-20. The main advancements came internally at first. The C64 had 64K of RAM, which was 12 times that of the VIC-20. It also had a 1.78 MHz MOS CPU.

Variants Edit

The Commodore 64 had more variants released than any other Commodore Computers. Commodore made both computer variants and variants bearing the same computer, but a newer case.

  • The Breadbin was the original variant, and the variant described in this article.
  • 250 limited edition golden Commodore 64s were given away by Commodore.
  • In Germany, a Breadbin 64 was sold with a white case and keyboard.

Notes Edit

  • In Europe, the C64 was sometimes referred to as the VIC-64.
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