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The Commonwealth of Southern Europe is an international organisation primarily in Southern Europe. All members are democracies and the largest member and leader is the Republic of Italy. It was founded at the 1953 Napoli Confrence.

All members of the Commonwealth of Southern Europe are defended by the Italian Republican Armed Forces, including men from all members. The IRAF is commanded from Bologna, where representatives from all CSE members make important decisions.

The Republic of Italy is responsible for foreign affairs for the whole CSE, however, all CSE members participate in decision-making. Only one embassy of the CSE exists in each country, except for in the CSE members.


Republic of Italy[]

The Republic of Italy is the largest member of the CSE.

Principality of Montenegro[]

Kingdom of Albania[]

Greco-Aromanian Republic of the Pindus[]

Republic of Dalmatia[]

Republic of the West Alps[]

Republic of Herzegovina[]

Republic of the Aegean Islands[]

Republic of the Ionian Islands[]

Republic of Bosnia[]

Republic of Malta[]


Republic of West Macedonia[]

Colonies (Republic of Italy)[]

  1. Shrite
  2. Fezzan
  3. Al Kufra