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Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.
Category. Statistic.
Operated in. Czechoslovakia.
Founder(s). Czechoslovakia.
Founded in. May 16, 1921.
Disbanded in. In 1991. It became the separated Czech and Slovak communist parties.
Political alignment. Soviet Union.
Activity. Running the country, political campaigning and youth activate groups.
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The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (Czech and Slovak: Komunistická strana Československa, KSČ) was a Communist and Marxist–Leninist political party in Czechoslovakia that existed between 1921 and 1992. It was a member of the Comintern. Between 1929 and 1953 it was led by Klement Gottwald. After its election victory in 1946 it seized power in the 1948 Czechoslovak coup d'état and established a one-party state allied with the Soviet Union. Nationalization of virtually all private enterprises followed.

During the period of the wiki Antonín Josef Novotný (10 December 1904 – 28 January 1975) was General Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia from 1953 to 1968, and also held the post of President of Czechoslovakia from 1957 to 1968. A hardline supporter of Stalinism before and after the death of the Soviet leader, Novotný was forced to yield the reins of power to Alexander Dubček during the short-lived reform movement of 1968.

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