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The plan[]

The firm was a minor pseudo-design bureau that operated in parts of the the American Midwest between 1944 and 1950, and later operated overseas. It had created a UK and French subsidiary branches between 1945 and 1950. The plan was at first to deceive spies the Axis Powers and later the Soviets with a few deliberately leaked engine designs that did not work due to a minor, but crucial, technical detail. The only known engine to have it's useless double leaked this way was the Pratt & Whitney J48.

The Soviets had already copied the Rolls-Royce RB.41 Nene and had sworn to spy on the Western aircraft engines ever since.

Pseudo-corporate branches[]

  1. Comparable Engines Corp. (USA)- 1944-1950.
    1. Comparable Engines Ltd. (UK)- 1945-1950.
    2. Moteurs Comparables SA. (France)- 1945-1950.

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