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Chairman Mao\Mao Zedong[]

  • Location- ?, Henan, China
  • Height-36.6 meter (120 feet) after the head was partially destroyed and put under black waterproof shrouding.
  • Cost- Both Chinese businessmen and some local rural communities chipped in with donations of nearly 3,000,000 Yuan ($459,000), according to Chinese the state media.
  • Made of- Steel and concrete painted in gold. 
  • Fate- Destroyed because it was ugly, an eyesore due to it's huge size and colour, a waste of money and a poor likeness of Mao anyhow.

Margret Thatcher\The Iron Lady[]

  • Location- House of commons
  • Height- 6ft
  • Cost-£150,000
  • Made of- Bronze
  • Fate- The plinth was damaged in 2010 and scrapped in 2012.
  • Location- House of commons
  • Height- 2.23 metres (7.3 ft)
  • Cost-£80,000
  • Made of- Bronze
  • Fate- The plinth was slightly damaged in 2012 and 2013.
  • Location- Kent University
  • Height- 250-foot (76.2 metre)
  • Cost- ?
  • Made of- Iron
  • Fate- Proposed by Kent University Conservative Association (KUCA), but stopped by Kent University officials since it was deemed excessive and Kent County Council thought the shear size of it was  a possible Aviation hazard
  • Location 1-Grantham town museum
  • Location 2-London's Guildhall Art Gallery
  • Height- 8ft
  • Cost- £150,000
  • Made of- Marble
  • Fate-Banished to London's Guildhall Art Gallery after it was beheaded in 2002. Later banished to a remote corner, off-limits to the casual visitor.
  • Location- House of commons
  • Height- 10ft
  • Cost-£300,000
  • Made of- Bronze
  • Fate- Banned by Carol Thatcher until it was fixed and dumped in a top-secret government warehouse since she wanted it was recast with a handbag in her mother's hand.
  • Location- ?, Central London
  • Height- ?
  • Cost- Cn$300,000
  • Made of- ?
  • Fate- Proposed by London Mayor Boris Johnson, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, former Cabinet minister Lord Tebbit, Conservative Peer Lord Ashcroft and a number of Falklands veterans. They have been amongst those calling for Baroness Thatcher be publicly honored in the heart of the capital. Temporary banned after Len Duvall, leader of the Labour group on the London Assembly said it was "too divisive".

Joseph Stalin[]

  • Location- Prague
  • Height- Larger than life
  • Cost- ?
  • Made of- Granite stone
  • Fate- Ripped down in 1962 by a revolutionary mob in the 1962 Prague Spring.

Vladimir Lenin[]

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