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Cygnus Alpha, talk about swans!Edit

The A1/M1 near Dunbar, in the U.K.Edit

When a swan was loitering on the road, near Swanwick in Hampshire, last summer. I swerved at 50mph to try and miss it, and hit another car doing a similar speed! We both span-out and hit the central reservation/central divider! Our head lights, bonnets, ignition systems, windows and tyres were shit! So, I smiled at the other bloke, got out of my car, approached the swan witch was nonchalantly cruising and swanning about the motorway like a gay Chav! I then took out my tyre-iron and beat it to death, prior to being hit by a passing Mitsubishi SUV, Isuzu 4x4 jeep and then a British army jeep! Both of my legs were broken and I was knocked out for about an hour or sow, but I relished the day paid the swan out!!! -- 01:46, 2 June 2007 (UTC)


The word 'swan' comes from the Celtic Brythonic survival Gwen (meaning "white"), German Schwan, Dutch zwaan and Old Norse svanr.

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