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Czech Prague (also called "Official Czech State") is one of 6 regions of the former Czechoslovakian Republic, They are Bohemia, Czech Prague, Moravia, Slovakia, Dolní Dvořiště and Benešov.

The Czechoslovakian Republic was devastated in the war as the NATO forces destroyed many military bases with both conventional and mostly tactical atomic arms. It is a satellite state of the ruined GDR.

The ruined Czech army base of Žatec was the secan of a major anti-German riot in 1986.


  1. Capital- Praha (Prague). It is still mostly in ruins. 
  2. Language- Bohemian dialect Czech.
  3. Population- 1,450,000. (10,000 Polish and 25,000 GDR refugees).
  4. Religion- Atheist, Lutheran and Roman Catholic.
  5. Other cities- Žatec (rebuilt in 1970), Kladno, Mladá Boleslav, Příbram, Kolín (in 1989).
  6. The other allied states- GDR, Dolní Dvořiště and Slovakia.

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