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This humour article is not supposed to be serious and is a joke!


The Czechoslovakian Republic was devastated in the war as the NATO forces destroyed many military bases with both conventional and tactical atomic arms.

It is now over-run by the hordes of psychotic GDR refugees, desperate Polish refugees and mounted semi-nomads from the devastated remnants of Hungary.

The 6 regions of the former Czechoslovakian Republic, They are Bohemia, Czech Prague, Moravia, Slovakia, Dolní Dvořiště and Benešov.

The sub divisions[]

  1. German-Bohemia (Atomic nuts)
  2. Czech Prague (Atomic nuts)
  3. Moravia (Atomic nuts)
  4. Slovakia (Atomic nuts)
  5. Benešov (Atomic nuts)
  6. Dolní Dvořiště (Atomic nuts)

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