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The Republic of Czechoslovakia (Czech and Slovak: Československá Republika) was a federal democratic and parliamentary republic located in Central Europe.

The Czechoslovakian Republic (Attempted nuclear war simulation) was devastated in the war as the NATO forces destroyed many military bases with both conventional and mostly over the border use of tactical atomic arms. The Topoľčany base was hit by a 10kt nuke, was hit by a 10kt nuke the Bělá pod Bezdězem nuclear missile silos was hit by 2 50kt devices, the Kuřívody Soviet nuclear missile silos was hit by 2 50kt devices and Prague was hit by a 10kt nuke.

  • It is now 5 new confederated nations.
  1. West Bohemia (Attempted nuclear war simulation)
  2. Czech Prague (Attempted nuclear war simulation)
  3. Moravia (Attempted nuclear war simulation)
  4. Slovakia (Attempted nuclear war simulation)
  5. Dolní Dvořiště (Attempted nuclear war simulation)