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South Montgomeryshire in blue, Clun in brown and Radnorshire is in green.


  • Local Name= Gweriniaeth Ddemocrataidd De Sir Drefaldwyn.
  • English Name= Democratic Republic of South Montgomeryshire.
  • Short Name= South Montgomeryshire.
  • Flag= N\A.
  • OTL= South and east Montgomeryshire.
  • CoA= N\A.
  • motto= N\A.
  • Language= Welsh and English.
  • Other languages= Irish.
  • Capital= Welshpool (de facto)\ Montgommery (de jure).
  • Largest city= Newton.
  • Other towns and cities= Llanidloes, Machynlleth, Caersws, Guilsfild, Llanguring and Dolfor.
  • Area= ~1,570 km2
  • population=12,500.
  • Indipendent= 1964.
  • Currency= Was barter, but now Welsh Pound.
  • Anthem = N\A.
  • Demonym = Montgomoriean.
  • Regime = Republic.
  • Governing body = Montgomery Council.
  • Leader= President-Mayor Stephen Kaye (OTL- OTL Mayor).
  • Deputy leader= Chief Councilor N/A.



The near by Drakelow Tunnels Regional Seat of Government, RAF Valley, Westbury RAF Fixer Station, Crewe and Ellismire Port were nuked. Shrewsbury, Dudley and Chester were all carpted bombers by conventional soviet heavy bombers.


The towns of Welshpool, Montgommery, Newton, Machynlleth, Llanidloes, Caersws, Guilsfild, Llanguring and Dolfor came together in the wake of the war.

None of the villages were nuked, but there would be a initial problem with the radioactive fall-out and public panic in 1963. A heavy E-coli and bovine TB outbreak struck in 1966.

Food was rationed in the 1960s.


They fought the Clun Raiders (Attempted nuclear war simulation) from the late 1960s th the late 1980s.

The villages of Caersws, Guilsfild, Llanguring and Dolfor were later protected by a deep trench and dirt rampart cut round each of them in the early 1970s.

The Machynlleth-Welshpool-Oswestry-Wrexham railway line was repaired and reactivated in 2007 with help from Denbighshire and Ireland.

Life today[]

The state is still medieval in technology (other than the 1 carriage\1 cargo van long steam train on the) and society, as are it's nighbours.

First contact[]

The Democratic Republic of Montgomeryshire is a survivor state in Montgomeryshire, North Wales. 

It was formulated by local villagers and townsfolk in 1964, was discovered by the Republic of North Pembrokeshire (Attempted nuclear war simulation), Republic of Conway and Denbighshire (Attempted nuclear war simulation) and Ireland in 1975. It voted to become part of the Welsh Republic, along with the Inter-village Union of Llangollen, Corwen, Llandrillo, Glyndyfrdwy and Glan-yr-afon (Attempted nuclear war simulation), United Republic of Wrexham, Chirk and Ruabon (Attempted nuclear war simulation), United Republic of Oswestry, Whittington, Rhydycroesau and Gobowen (Attempted nuclear war simulation) and Free Republic of Radnorshire (Attempted nuclear war simulation) in 1985.