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This humour article is not supposed to be serious and is a joke!


Dolní Dvořiště is one of 6 regions of the former Czechoslovakian Republic, They are Bohemia, Czech Prague, Moravia, Slovakia, Dolní Dvořiště and Benešov.

Most people live in Gypsy caravans and the Austrian\GDR\FRG community made wearing dirdils compolsery for all women over 20.


  1. Capital- Dolní Dvořiště (German: Unter-Haid).
  2. Language- Bohemian dialect Czech, Northern dialect German and Polish.
  3. Population- 32,500. (1,500 Polish refugees, 5,000 displaced Romanian Gypsys, 3,000 FRG Germans, 5,000 Austrian refugees, 15,000 native Czechs and 5,000 GDR refugees).
  4. Religion- Atheist, Roman Catholic and Lutheran.
  5. Other cities- České Budějovice, Český Krumlov (rebuilt in 1970), Loučovice and Kaplice.
  6. The other allied states- Austria.

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