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The personEdit

Dr Werner Schmidt's was a Zürich GP that lived between y957 and y1055. He had 2 children, Heidi and Fritz. His wife was Magda Kohl.

The political movementEdit

Dr Werner Schmidt's Reformation of y1000 was a Political movement that began in Zürich, which resulted in the foundation of the democratic global unionist pol ital and economic ideal of Schmittism.

They sought to reform economic, political and social activity on the planet; with the hope of forming a singular global nation run by the UEM. It was a major force between y1005 and y1015, but then began to decay as the nation states started to formulate in to there modern forms. Schmittism is still popular in parts of Zürich, Heidelberg, Cherbourg, Iowa, Benin, Vermont, Wisconsin, Tokyo and Madeira.


It helped cement the position of the The Union of El Mundo (A nice new world...) as the leading political body in the world, but with powers more like our UN, not as the world government envisaged by Dr Schmidt.

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