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The Serbian Embassy in Budapest (Serbian: Амбасада Србије у Будимпешти) is Serbia's diplomatic mission to Hungary. It is located at 1068, Dózsa György út 92/b, Budapest, Hungary.

The building used to be a seat of Yugoslavian Embassy and later Embassy of Serbia and Montenegro.

In 1956, Prime Minister Imre Nagy asked for asylum and secured sanctuary in the Yugoslav embassy after the anti-Soviet revolution was crushed, with a number of other people. However he was later arrested, deported to Romania and executed in 1958. The embassy overlooks Andrássy Avenue and Heroes' Square, where Imre Nagy was reburied in 1989 in front of a crowd of 250,000 people.

During the ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the anti-Soviet uprising in 1956 in October 2006, the President of Serbia, Boris Tadić, and the Prime Minister of Hungary Ferenc Gyurcsány, revealed a commemorative plaque placed at the entrance, dedicated to Imre Nagy.