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The Euronews logo used from 26 October 1998 to 3 June 2008.


  1. Launched on- 1st January, 1993.
  2. Owned by- Euronews SA.
  3. Picture format- 16:9 (576i, SDTV).
  4. Slogan- "Most-watched news channel in Europe.”
  5. Broadcast area- 180 nations worldwide in 2017.
  6. Headquarters- 60, chemin des Mouilles, #69130 Lyon-Écully, France.
  7. Viewership- 6 million in 2017.

It's objective[]

Following the First Persian Gulf War, during which CNN's position as the preeminent source of 24-hour news programming was cemented, the European Broadcasting Union decided to establish Euronews to present information from a European perspective. The channel's first broadcast was on 1 January 1993 from Lyon. An additional broadcast studio was set up in London in 1996. It was founded by a group of ten European public broadcasters.

As a rolling-news channel, headlines from both Europe as well as the world are broadcast in thirty-minute intervals. Brief magazine segments typically fill in the remaining schedule, focusing on market data, financial news, sports news, art and culture, science, weather, European politics, and press reviews of the major European newspapers. These item slots will occasionally be pre-empted by breaking news or live television coverage. Some closing segments are displayed without commentary under the banner "No Comment", which has been the channel's signature program since its launch.

Production and sources[]

The channel employs an unusual presentation style: initially, rather than using in-vision presenters, it showed only video footage with recorded voice-overs. This aims to prevent bias. In 2011, however, extended news items featured in-vision reporters, including occasional pieces to camera.

The principal sources of footage come from APTN (Associated Press Television News) and Reuters TV, these being the partner agencies of the European Broadcasting Union. It also draws upon resources from Agence France-Presse, Italian ANSA, Portuguese LUSA, German DPA, Spanish EFE and Russian ITAR-TASS.


Euronews headquarters in Lyon. Author- Lydie22.

  1. Cyprus CYBC
  2. France France Télévisions
  3. Italy RAI
  4. Belgium RTBF
  5. Portugal RTP
  6. Spain RTVE (former shareholder)
  7. Monaco TMC (former shareholder)
  8. Finland YLE
  9. Egypt ERTU
  10. Russia VGTRK
  11. Turkey TRT
  12. Czech Republic ČT
  13. Malta PBS
  14. Morocco SNRT
  15. Slovenia RTVSLO
  16. Republic of Ireland RTÉ
  17. Ukraine NTU
  18. Switzerland SRG-SSR
  19. Romania TVR
  20. Sweden SVT - MTG
  21. Tunisia ERTT
  22. Algeria ENTV
  23. UK ITV (former shareholder)
  24. Egypt Media Globe Networks

Current management[]

  • Michael Peters, Chairman of the Executive Board
  • Lucian Sârb, Director of News and Programmes
  • Cécile Leveaux, Chief Technical Officer
  • Olivier de Montchenu, Worldwide Sales Director, Managing Director of Euronews Sales
  • David Cipel, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
  • Grégory Samak, Director of Broadcasting and Programme Marketing
  • Grégoire Olivero de Rubiana, Director of External Relations
  • Arnaud Verlhac, Deputy Director Worldwide Distribution

Current Journalists[]

  • Dr. Stefan Grobe (Anchor at Lyon HQ, Germany correspondent, Political correspondent and Washington corespondent).
  • Ioannis Karaganda (Greece correspondent).
  • Jose Sardo (Spanish/Portuguese corespondent).
  • Katerina Anastasopoulou (EU affairs).
  • Akis Tatsis (Anchor at Lyon HQ and journalist in Europe).
  • Wolfgang Spindler (Arts correspondent).
  • Seamus Kearney (Anchor at Lyon HQ).
  • Christopher (AKA- Chris) Cummins (Producer, anchor at Lyon HQ, Asia correspondent and business correspondent).
  • Sandor Zsiros (Brussels correspondent).
  • ??? (Sports correspondent).
  • Riley O'Neil (Business correspondent).
  • Serge Rombi (Business correspondent).
  • ??? (Health correspondent).
  • ??? (Science correspondent).
  • Faizia Garah (Geneva correspondent).
  • Kostas Tsellos (Greek refugee camp affairs and Balkans correspondent).
  • Efi Koutsokosta (EU affairs and Geneva correspondent).
  • Grégoire Lory (Brussels correspondent).
  • Oleksandra Vakulina (Anchor at Lyon HQ, Ecanomics correspondent, Political correspondent and host of The Corner).


  • Aid Zone – With millions of people forced out of their homes around the world due to conflicts or natural disasters, Aid Zone looks at the plight of some of these refugees and migrants and the people and organisations who are trying to help them.
  • All News Edition – International news updates every 15 minutes. Weekdays 4am to 10am.
  • Brussels Bureau – All the latest news, interviews and analysis concerning the EU from the euronews’ team in Brussels.
  • Business Planet – Are you an entrepreneur? Do you dream of starting your own business? Discover the keys to success on Business Planet as we meet top experts and discover some European success stories.
  • Cinema – All the latest movie news with clips, comment and interviews from the world of cinema.
  • Cult – Get the latest videos, pictures & in-depth coverage on the latest lifestyle news, covering music, pop culture, shows, arts, entertainment, expositions, events, concerts, fashion, from Europe & the rest of the world.
  • Focus – Focus reports – an event or current affairs issue is put under the spotlight for in-depth analysis.
  • Futuris – Latest news about the leading scientific and technological research projects in Europe.
  • Global Japan – A world leader in technology and innovation, Japan is developing closer ties with countries around the globe, bringing its expertise to a huge range of projects from post-conflict assistance, health and education to architecture.
  • Insiders – The never-ending flow of news can be overwhelming. Let’s stop for a moment to make sense of the critical events shaping our world. Insiders brings you in-depth investigations and exclusive reports from the field.
  • Insight. - A closer inspection of the leading news stories of the moment, including a more in-depth analysis and interviews with those in the know.
  • Inspire Middle East – Every week Inspire Middle East brings you unmissable stories from across a region bursting with new energy. Euronews’ Middle East show, explores cutting edge innovation, tech, fashion, lifestyle and culture; introducing you to the region’s trend setters and game changers. Inspire Middle East showcases new voices, and vibrant storytelling from across the business and cultural spectrum, connecting people in the region with those around the world.
  • Late Edition – International news updates. Nightly 1am to 4am.
  • Markets – International and European stock market and commodity prices
  • Metropolitans – Metropolitans zooms in on a given city, taking a look at tourism, the economy, energy issues and much more.
  • Musica – Get the latest from the world of classical music: we discover artists, musicians, opera and more in Musica.
  • Meteo airport/ Meteo world/Meteo europe - Constantly updated weather forecasts.
  • News of the Day – International news updates. Weekdays 10am to 7pm.
  • No Comment – The news without commentary. You make the conclusions by yourself.
  • Postcards – Postcards is essential viewing for those interested in travel. Get snapshots of hidden or forgotten attractions, a fresh look at famous landmarks, as well as fascinating insights and practical tips.
  • Prime Edition – International news updates. Nightly 7pm to 1am.
  • Real Economy - A big question at the forefront of many people’s minds today is: how does Europe move from crisis to growth? Real Economy hones in on the macroeconomic issues that impact our everyday lives, looking for solutions that work.
  • Sci-Tech – Get the latest science and hi-tech news across an in-depth look at scientific developments from Europe & the world.
  • Space – Get the latest news about space travel, exploration of the cosmos & latest discoveries of planets, comets & black holes, produced in cooperation with ESA.
  • State of the Union – State of the Union brings you the most important European affairs, politics, economic, financial and corporate events of the week.
  • Target – Target’s aim is unswerving and direct: to get to the heart of what matters in business. When it comes to economic analysis, euronews is always on Target.
  • Taste – Cooking and culture in Taste. Explore the world’s culinary customs, recipes and ingredients.
  • The Global Conversation – The Global Conversation is a platform on which euronews questions world leaders directly. Heads of State, policy-makers and key figures from civil society are challenged on their views of global problems, solutions and opportunities.
  • Weekend Edition – International news updates. Weekends 4am to 7pm.


Service number. Language. Launch date.
1 English 1 January 1993
1 French 1 January 1993
1 German 1 January 1993
1 Italian 1 January 1993
1 Spanish 1 January 1993
6 Portuguese November 1999
7 Russian September 2001
8 Arabic 12 July 2008
9 Turkish 30 January 2010
10 Persian 27 October 2010
11 Ukrainian 24 August 2011
12 Greek 18 December 2012
13 Hungarian 30 May 2013
+1 Polish, as an audio option on broadcasts in English. 16 December 2011

12 resent examples of there work in 2016.[]


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EU immigration crisis[]

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Euronews LIVE-0

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