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Here are the 10 creepy ways the NSA, FBI, and rest of the government is spying on you from your smart tv to your iPhone!

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5. Credit Cards Well if you thought having to go through airport security was bad, that’s normally just the privacy invasion that you're exposed to. How would you feel if the government was tracking your credit card purchases as well? If you thought America was home of the free and this would only happen in communist countries, you need to open your eyes. An act called the hotwarch act basically means that the government can track in real time your credit card transactions, hotel reservations and your movements on airplanes. They don’t need a warrant because this was basically in the fine print when you signed for your credit card and most people don’t always realize this! Many criminals have been caught from tracing their credit card transactions

4. Undercover Agents They walk among us as well, attempting to blend in with the rest of the population. Government officials don’t always need high tech, fancy spy gear or to hack your computer but just by dressing up in normal everyday clothes, they can spy on you. Undercover police have been known to bust criminals who sell drug or those that are looking for a cheap date, but in what other ways could they be spying on us? They’re also known to lurk in airplanes, looking to possibly take down a potential terrorist threat but the increase of undercover agents makes you wonder. Many are als o taking the streets during protests, disguised as protesters of black lives matter movements. One case even talks about how a police officer converted to islam in order to infiltrate someone who might have been building a bomb. They could be right next to you at this very moment, listening and waiting for you to make the wrong move.

3. Hidden Cameras Say cheese! You’re on camera! Despite the cameras in our phones, computers and even in our tv’s watching us, there could be more hidden cameras out there as were walking the street. Street cameras are rising in popularity and they might be harder to spot than ever before! Think twice about running that red light! A large number of devices have been placed in the streets for “security purposes” and can track car’s speeding, criminal activity, license plates, and even that tuna sandwich you ate for lunch at subway. In places like the UK, this has lead to more traffic fines than ever before, bringing in quite a dough for the federal government. Other cameras are not so hidden and want to make it quite clear that you’re being watched! Some are fitted with infrared so you can be watched all day and all night!

2. Drones Now more than ever have drones risen in popularity, partially due to the fact that they make excellent tools for espionage and seeing what the sheeple are up to. With the capability of flying, this adds a whole new element to spying like we’ve never seen before. If the government suspects something bizarre might be going on in your backyard, this would be a great time to employ a drone! Rock stars, movie stars often complain of drones flying over their residence, and it might not always be the government at work either! This tiny drone here, was developed by the military to look like a bug but it actually has the capabilities of seeing what you’re up to. It’s designed so it can sit on ledges and gather intel on enemy positions. Police have been employing drones over dangerous party areas during spring break, in order to conduct their recon.

1.Microchip Technology The government has approved the use of microchips that can be implanted under your skin and can contain all imaginable knowledge about you. These chips known as the RFID chips are about the size of a grain of rice. Within the database of the chip, is everything you would ever need to carry in your pocket, but much more. Imagine checking out at the grocery store by swiping your hand instead of a credit card. This could also be used to track your every movement. The technology is so advanced, it can start your car, open your door, and store all your vital medical info rmation. New advanced passports contain this chip so the federal government can track where exactly your passport is going. What happens if you’re not allowed to travel or purchase goods without one? Places may begin only accepting this chip as a form of payment.Some call it the mark of the beast and it could very well be implanted onto every civilian in the united states of America some day in the future.

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