Fronte di Liberazione Naziunale Corsu (AKA: The National Liberation Front of Corsica, NLFC or FLNC).
Category. Statistic.
Operated in. Corsica, Nice, Marseille and Avignon.
Founder(s). The FLNC was created from a merger of the long running and largest armed rebels- Ghjustizia Paolina and the Fronte Paesanu Corsu di Liberazione. It's an offshoot of the political party A Cuncolta Independentista which has somemembers in the Corsican Assembly. The founding figures are currently unknown.
Founded in. 1976.
Disbanded in. 2016.
Political alignment. Corsican nationalists and Corsica Libera.
Activity. Low grade terrorism to promote xenophobic, anti-French agrarianism. Bombings, aggravated assault, armed bank robbery and extortion through "revolutionary taxes"; mostly aimed at public buildings, banks, tourist infrastructure, military buildings and other symbols of French control and not against people in them. The overwhelming majority of their attacks on the French mainland took place in or around the cities of Nice, Marseille and Avignon, but Paris was also attacked a few times.
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Corse signalisation

This road-sign in Corsica has had the non-Corsican spellings of place-names defaced.

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