General DisciplineEdit

  1. Users who disregard the rules outlined above will be given a warning by an admin for a first offense. A second offense will result in a bureaucrat warning being posted on your Message Wall.
  2. A third offense will result in a blockage of your account on this wiki, will affect any rights you may have here as a result. Please see Discipline and rights for more on this.
  3. Offensive language/comments made in the chatroom will result in an immediate 1 week chat ban as punishment. However, swearing is allowed, as long as it is sensored with asterisk (*).

Discipline and rightsEdit

  1. If you vandalise a page or pages, you will be blocked for 1 month. If you are blocked for vandalism, this means you cannot be granted rights above Chat Moderator.
  2. If you are banned from chat 3 or more times, you cannot gain Chat Moderator rights.
  3. If you get blocked here for any blockable offenses, you cannot gain bureaucrat level rights.
  4. If you are blocked whilst you hold rights, you will be demoted to nothing, per the user rights guidance pages.
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