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Gennady Ivanovich Obaturov (born 10 January 1915, 28 December 1914 in the Old Style, in the village of Maloe Zarecheno presently Nagorsky District Kirov Region, Russia — 29 April 1996, Moscow) — Soviet Commander, Army General.

Soon after the beginning of the Hungarian Revolt the division of General Obaturov was raised and received order to cross the Hungarian border, march on Budapest and take under control the main state objects. By 24 October 1956 an advanced detachment of the division led by Obaturov entered Budapest. The division commander had not been briefed on the situation in the city; the units had received no maps whatsoever, and no officers knowing the city had been detached. The units drawing into the city were attacked from different sides, isolated from each other and suffered loss. In such conditions Obaturov autonomously decided to stop the execution of the operational task by ordering units to assume all-round defense. During heavy street fighting he succeeded in restoring the connection between units. Then in agreement with the Imre Nagy government the Soviet command withdrew Soviet forces from Budapest and a few days later ordered the storming of the city. The division of Obaturov participated at full strength in this operation. During these operations the division lost over 150 men, 13 tanks, 1 self-propelled artillery mounting, 9 armoured personnel carriers. The division commander was decorated with the Order of Suvorov. In the same year the division was incorporated into the newly formed Southern Group of Forces.

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