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Grumman F9F-8P Cougars.
Category. Statistic.
First flight on. 1951
Retired on. 1962 in the USA and 1971 in Argentina. There are some civil war birds, others in museaums and the USN's Blue Egles display team.
Major contractor(s)  Grumman
Dose it use nukes or cruse missiles. No.
Fight ceiling hight 42,000 ft (12,800 m)
Top speed. 647 mph (562 knots, 1,041 km/h) at 2,000 ft (610 m)
Range. 1,050 mi (913 nmi, 1,690 km)
Crew. 1
Nationality(s). American.
Fighter Class. Fighter\advanced trainer.
Rate of climb. 6,750 ft/min (34.3 m/s)
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Modifications of F9F-8 to convert to F9F-8P:

The modification to eliminate the guns and related equipment and incorporate the photographic equipment and automatic pilot and their controls and instruments has resulted in the following changes:

  1. Rearrangement of electronics equipment installed in the area enclosed by the fuselage nose section, lengthening of this section by 12 inches, and shortening of the sliding nose section.
  2. Rearrangement of the left and right consoles and the main instrument panel to provide space for the controls associated with the additional equipment.
  3. Some minor changes of the fuselage structure and equipment installations to provide for the necessary ducting control for hot air from the engine compressor, which is used for defrosting the camera windows and heating the camera compartment.
  4. Removal of all armament and the Armament Control System, removal of AN/APG-30 system and installation of an additional armor plate bulkhead.


The Cougar was the first jet to break the sound barrier in Argentina.

Useage in the USA

The Argentine factor

The only foreign air arm to use the F9F Cougar was the Argentine Naval Aviation, who also used the F9F Panther as well. Two F9F-8T trainers were acquired in 1962, and served until 1971. The Cougar was the first jet to break the sound barrier in Argentina. One aircraft (serial 3-A-151) is on display at the Naval Aviation Museum (MUAN) at Bahía Blanca, while the other was sold to an owner in United States. The Argentine were greatfull for the significant upgrade to their air force these plains provided.

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