Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton in 2018.
45th President of the United States
In Office:
February 17, 2018 - January 20th, 2025
Vice President: Martin Heinrich (2017-2025)
Preceded by: Barack Obama
Succeeded by: Mitt Romney
67th United States Secretary of State
In Office:
January 21, 2009 – February 1, 2013
President: Barack Obama
Deputy: James Steinberg

William Burns

Preceded By: Condoleezza Rice
Succeeded By: John Kerry
United States Senator from New York
In Office:
January 3, 2001-January 21, 2009
Preceded By: Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Succeeded By: Kirsten Gillibrand
First Lady of the United States
In Office:
January 20, 1993 – January 20, 2001
President:Bill Clinton
Preceded By:Barbara Bush
Succeeded By:Laura Bush
First Lady of Arkansas
In Office:
January 11, 1983 – December 12, 1992
Governor:Bill Clinton
Preceded By:Gay Daniels White
Succeeded By:Betty Tucker
In Office:
January 9, 1979 – January 19, 1981
Governor:Bill Clinton
Preceded By:Barbara Pryor
Succeeded By:Gay Daniels White
Personal Information
Born:October 26, 1947
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Death:February 19, 2047 (age 100)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Spouse:Bill Clinton (1975-2026[his death])
Children: Chelsea (b.1980)
Political PartyDemocrat (1968-2033[her death]
Alma Mater: Wellesley College (B.A.)
Yale Law School (J.D.)
Religion: Methodism

Hillary Rodham Clinton (October 26, 1947-February 19, 2033) was the 45th President of the United States of America and the first woman president in American history, she would not be the last.

Early LifeEdit

Hillary Diane Rodham was born on October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She was born to Hugh Ellsworth Rodham and Dorothy Emma Rodham (née Howell), and was the oldest of two brothers: Hugh and Tony. As a child, Hillary Rodham was a teacher's favorite at her public schools in Park Ridge. She participated in swimming, baseball, and other sports. She also earned numerous awards as a Brownie and Girl Scout. She attended Maine East High School, where she participated in student council, the school newspaper, and was selected for National Honor Society. For her senior year, she was redistricted to Maine South High School, where she was a National Merit Finalist and graduated in the top five percent of her class of 1965. Her mother wanted her to have an independent, professional career, and her father, otherwise a traditionalist, was of the opinion that his daughter's abilities and opportunities should not be limited by gender[1].


Wellesley College YearsEdit

Hillary was a student at Wellesley College when she in rolled in 1965. She majored in political science. In her junior year, Rodham became a supporter of the antiwar presidential nomination campaign of Democrat Eugene McCarthy. In 1969 Hillary graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.

Yale Law School and postgraduate studiesEdit

After she graduated from Wellesley she entered Yale University. Couple years later she was offered by Harvard but was cancelled by a professor who said to the Student Union, "We don't need any more women." While at Yale, she served on the editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action. During her second year, she worked at the Yale Child Study Center, learning about new research on early childhood brain development and working as a research assistant on the seminal work, Beyond the Best Interests of the Child (1973). She also took on cases of child abuse at Yale-New Haven Hospital and volunteered at New Haven Legal Services to provide free legal advice for the poor. In the summer of 1970, she was awarded a grant to work at Marian Wright Edelman's Washington Research Project, where she was assigned to Senator Walter Mondale's Subcommittee on Migratory Labor. There she researched migrant workers' problems in housing, sanitation, health and education. Edelman later became a significant mentor. Rodham was recruited by political advisor Anne Wexler to work on the 1970 campaign of Connecticut U.S. Senate candidate Joseph Duffey, with Rodham later crediting Wexler with providing her first job in politics[2].

In the late spring of 1971, she began dating Bill Clinton, also a law student at Yale. That summer, she interned at the Oakland, California, law firm of Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein. The firm was well known for its support of constitutional rights, civil liberties, and radical causes (two of its four partners were current or former Communist Party members); Rodham worked on child custody and other cases. Clinton canceled his original summer plans, in order to live with her in California; the couple continued living together in New Haven when they returned to law school. The following summer, Rodham and Clinton campaigned in Texas for unsuccessful 1972 Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern. She received a Juris Doctor degree from Yale in 1973, having stayed on an extra year to be with Clinton. Clinton first proposed marriage to her following graduation, but she declined[3].


She and Bill Clinton moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas in the summer of 1975. Finally Hillary agreed to marry Bill Clinton. She and Bill Clinto married on October 11, 1975 in their living room, 15 days before her 28th birthday. They had a Methodist style wedding. She still kept Rodham in her name and it was changed to "Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton," which upset her mother Dorothy and Bill's mother, Virgina. The couple moved to Little Rock, Arkansas when Bill was elected Arkansas' Attory General in 1976 even though Bill tried to run in 1977 but lost. Hillary joined the Rose Law Firm in February, 1977. 3 years later Hillary gave birth on February 27, 1980 to Chelsea Clinton, she would be the couple's only child.

First Lady of the United StatesEdit

Role as First LadyEdit

When Bill Clinton took office as president in January 1993, Hillary Rodham Clinton became the First Lady of the United States, and announced that she would be using that form of her name. She was the first First Lady to hold a postgraduate degree and to have her own professional career up to the time of entering the White House. She was also the first to have an office in the West Wing of the White House in addition to the usual First Lady offices in the East Wing. She was part of the innermost circle vetting appointments to the new administration, and her choices filled at least eleven top-level positions and dozens more lower-level ones. She is regarded as the most openly empowered presidential wife in American history, save for Eleanor Roosevelt. Some critics called it inappropriate for the First Lady to play a central role in matters of public policy. Supporters pointed out that Clinton's role in policy was no different from that of other White House advisors and that voters were well aware that she would play an active role in her husband's presidency. Bill Clinton's campaign promise of "two for the price of one" led opponents to refer derisively to the Clintons as "co-presidents", or sometimes the Arkansas label "Billary". The pressures of conflicting ideas about the role of a First Lady were enough to send Clinton into "imaginary discussions" with the also-politically-active Eleanor Roosevelt. From the time she came to Washington, she also found refuge in a prayer group of The Fellowship that featured many wives of conservative Washington figures. Triggered in part by the death of her father in April 1993, she publicly sought to find a synthesis of Methodist teachings, liberal religious political philosophy, and Tikkun editor Michael Lerner's "politics of meaning" to overcome what she saw as America's "sleeping sickness of the soul" and that would lead to a willingness "to remold society by redefining what it means to be a human being in the twentieth century, moving into a new millennium." Other segments of the public focused on her appearance, which had evolved over time from inattention to fashion during her days in Arkansas, to a popular site in the early days of the World Wide Web devoted to showing her many different, and frequently analyzed, hairstyles as First Lady, to an appearance on the cover of Vogue magazine in 1998[4].

Lewinsky scandalEdit

In 1998, the Clintons' relationship became the subject of much speculation when investigations revealed that the President had had extramarital relations with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Events surrounding the Lewinsky scandal eventually led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton by the House of Representatives. When the allegations against her husband were first made public, Hillary Clinton stated that they were the result of a "vast right-wing conspiracy", characterizing the Lewinsky charges as the latest in a long, organized, collaborative series of charges by Bill Clinton's political enemies rather than any wrongdoing by her husband. She later said that she had been misled by her husband's initial claims that no affair had taken place. After the evidence of President Clinton's encounters with Lewinsky became incontrovertible, she issued a public statement reaffirming her commitment to their marriage, but privately was reported to be furious at him and was unsure if she wanted to stay in the marriage.

There was a variety of public reactions to Hillary Clinton after this: some women admired her strength and poise in private matters made public, some sympathized with her as a victim of her husband's insensitive behavior, others criticized her as being an enabler to her husband's indiscretions, while still others accused her of cynically staying in a failed marriage as a way of keeping or even fostering her own political influence. Her public approval ratings in the wake of the revelations shot upward to around 70 percent, the highest they had ever been. In her 2003 memoir, she would attribute her decision to stay married to "a love that has persisted for decades" and add: "No one understands me better and no one can make me laugh the way Bill does. Even after all these years, he is still the most interesting, energizing and fully alive person I have ever met[5].

Presidential TermEdit

File:Hillary Clinton vs. Chris Christie Election, 2016.png
Presidential Election, 2016

Hillary Clinton won over most of the United States of America when she ran against former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie. She won 42/50 States plus Washington D.C. Clinton won over 84% of the US. She had the popular vote of 100,000,000 people. Clinton's running mate was Martin Heinrich. Some people argued that Clinton cheated at the election to get elected. So Clinton was put on trial in front of the grand jury on December 25, 2016. She was found not guilty and for extra measurs the senate decided to do a re-count. The result was the exact same of what is was before the trial. Many people praised Clinton's lawyers in the case and they became famous. Clinton returned to Chicago, Illionis until the put off inauguation which was set to February 17, 2017 in Washington D.C.


On Friday, August 13, 2018 the Islamic State declared war on the United States and allies. President Clinton had no choice but to except to accept the declare. She sent 500,000 soldiers to Syria and Iraq. When the first military helicopter arrived to the area it was shot down by the ISIS
File:FullSizeRender (2).jpg
army, 17/23 of them died when the chopper crashed, the 6 soldiers left were captured. The ISIS army hacked into the allies television programs and showed the beheading of the 6 soldiers. With that Clinton sent a U-boat too word the docks, that held oil and soldiers, and shot the 8 boats with torpedoes and sank 6 of them with the deaths of 300 ISIS soldiers died in the explosion and ignition of the oil and drowned in the sinking. Clinton sent 13,000 more soldiers into the war area. ISIS somehow got a hold of a missile. They shot the missile on September 11, 2020 and hit New York City, New York, USA and killed 3,000,000 people. The people who survived the attack abandoned the city and escaped into New Jersey and Connecticut. Clinton
sent out a message to the American people and told them about who was behind the attack and was very sorry about the loss of people in the attack. Many people around New York rioted and Clinton was forced to send the SWAT team to handle them. The next week Clinton had a video call with the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which ended up in a heated argument and with Abu hanging up. She decides to send 13 missiles into the area and hit docks, oil rigs, army strongholds and more. Just when Abu said he would surrender he lied and killed 13,000 captured soldiers in 13 minutes. Clinton decided to take action and called all American boats and airplanes to land and called all US citizens to go under ground. Clinton was evacuated to the underground area under the White House and shot a Nuclear Missile at the capital of ISIS, Ar-Raqqah, Syria on July 4, 2023. The missile hit his target and killed 2,000,000 people. Abu and his army surrendered for real in the next week and was executed 1 month later along with the fellow high ranking members of the former state. Afterwords, there were many celebrations in the streets of Washington, D.C. and all over the US. New York City was no longer abandoned and was rebuilt. On television on the afternoon after the killing of Abu, Clinton praised the soldiers who helped fight the war and apologized to the families of the killed soldiers and family.

Assassination AttemptEdit

File:Old Hillary Clinton.jpeg
One year after the defeat of the Islamic State, Clinton gave a speech at the Capitol Building on July 11, 2024. 30 minutes (2:26pm EST) into the speech a man shot a rifle at Clinton. Clinton was hit in the right shoulder and fell and tumbled down the stairs but was caught by a secret service man around the one hundredth stair. She was removed and taken to a nearby hospital. She had to have surgery to remove to bullet and was discharged 1 week later around 5:30am EST. She still stayed inside the White House for one month. She made her first public appearance two months later and announced that she had made a full recovery and would resume her duties as president. The assassin was captured a week after the assassination attempt and was sentenced to prison for 80 years.

2nd Korean WarEdit

In early 2025, Clinton recived message that Kim Jong-un was going to send a missile to American soil. In result she called an official meeting with the Supreme President in Washington D.C. Jong agreed and met with the president 1 month later on February 16, 2025 in the cabinit room. She complied with him to send a missile to America. He said yes but only if America become the "New" North Korea and all citizens bow down to Jong. Clinton infureated tried to punch him but was pulled away from the room, and while leavig Jong declared War on the US, Clinton later agreed. Congress agrred and America went to war with the isolated country. Jong sent ten missiles but missed and hit the waters around Hawii and Clinton sent 13,000 soilders to the area and invade Korea. Soilders and the NK army first met with each other on March 3, 2025. After 1 day the army surrendered and the American Army marched into the capital and into the palace. Jong's wife and daughter were taken away while the rest of the army earched for Jong. The army first met with the gereals witch started to fire weapons but were quikly killed by the army. Jong was found cowering in a closet. He was captured and brought back to the USA. Clinton gave full power of the former North Korea to South Korea and once more, Korea were joined again. In days of the end of war the statues were pulled down. Clinton was present when meeting with the first president of the New Korea. The war was finished a month before the election for the next president.

End of TermEdit

Clinton didn't do much in the final days in the White House. Clinton had her officia presidential portrait in the finall 2 days of her term and was hanged next to President Bill Clinton's Portait. She met with the president-elect, Mitt Romney and gave him important information about being president.

Later LifeEdit

File:Old Hillary.jpg
After being president Hillary and her husband Bill moved back to Chicago, Illinois. Next year on August 15, 2026  Clinton's husband died at the age of 80. Clinton moved in with her daughter Chelsea Clinton and her husband and grandduaghter the year after Bill died. She worked for a local law firm for 2 years and wrote 1 autobiography about being the first female president. She moved out of her daughter's home 3 years later and into a high-rise apartment building 15 minutes away from Chelsea. She retired from the law firm 8 years later at the age of 90. She continued to write books until the age of 94 when she caught Alzheimer's disease. She moved back in with her daughter at the age of 96. Her mind and memory continued to go and on November 31, 2045 she was hospitalized. Two years later at the age of 100 on February 19, 2047 she died surrounded by her family and friends at 12:30pm in Manhattan, New York. She was buried next to her late husband Bill in Chicago, Illinois.
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